25 Signs You Went to Penn State

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Though keg stands may be a college standard, every university has traditions that separate it from the school two states over. Take a look at 25 memories universal to anyone that once wore the blue and white.

1. You gained your “freshman 15” from numerous trips to Canyon Pizza at 2a.m.

2. You braved freshman year in the concrete bunkers known as East Halls.

3. You either rushed or hated those who did.

4. Regardless, you spent freshman year talking your way into frat parties (“I totally know five brothers”).

5. Any major event meant rallying in front of Old Main.

6. But you never actually went into Old Main.

7. You knew the farmer’s market would roll into town every Tuesday and Friday (yay, Amish bread).

8. You had class in the house of horrors known as Willard Building, no matter your major.

9. And the Willard preacher regularly told you that you were going to hell.

10. You went to the Phyrst on your 21st.

11. Spring meant day-drinking outside at Café 210 West.

12. You’ve eaten your weight in West Halls’ cookies.

13. You danced with a creeper (or you were the creeper) at Levels or Indigo.

14. You waited in line at least 20 minutes to take a picture at the lion shrine or with the actual lion mascot.

15. Weekend morning brunches on campus were your cure-all for any hangover.

16. You’ve tried and loved every flavor at the Berkey creamery, even Peachy Paterno.

17. Going to the HUB at lunchtime was like trying to navigate Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

18. You spent way too much money at McLanahan’s as a poor, misguided freshman.

19. The Centre County Arts Fest was the ultimate summer blast each July.

20. Your hands still hurt from hours spent filling out THONvelopes and canning “For the Kids.”

21. And you strived to stay on your feet for 46 hours every February.


22. You spent the hour before football tickets went on sale anxiously hitting refresh.

23. You couldn’t avoid the “We Are” chant on football weekends.

24. You felt the stadium shake during Zombie Nation.

25. 409 means much more than just a number.

Daniel Kuhn is a senior studying journalism at Penn State University. A great companion. Just don't feed him after midnight.

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