21 Good Movies on Netflix for Every Netflix and Chiller

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Netflix doesn’t offer the best movie recommendations sometimes, especially for Netflix and Chillin’. Hulu does a bit of a better job (Hulu and Hang, anyone?), but still, sometimes when you find yourself on a date with nothing to watch, these sites are not very helpful. Good luck finding good movies on Netflix.

Luckily, we arrived to save the day with our own categories of good movies on Netflix for every dating predicament. 

When Netflix and Chill Means Hooking Up With a Movie In the Background

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

“I feel like the fourth Harry Potter movie is the most romantic Harry Potter out of them all because all the characters are hooking up, but it’s also a good storyline. It’s a fun movie that you don’t have to pay too much attention to, especially because of the competitive plot line within,” College of William & Mary sophomore Anna Fridley said. A HP movie marathon serves as a great excuse to ask whoever you want to Netflix and Chill with to actually hang. Everyone has seen these movies a million times, starting the “chilling” halfway through will not leave anyone with too much FOMO.

2. The Hunger Games

First off, you don’t need to watch this series too closely to follow along because everyone in America knows the basic plot line at this point. But more importantly, this movie feels intense enough that it scares you just a little, but not so much that you feel terrified. Especially in political times like the ones we are in now, an apocalyptic dystopian future makes one desire physical human closeness more than ever. Just maybe turn down the volume during that scene with the dogs at the end (sorry, spoilers).

3. Creature from the Black Lagoon

Hit ‘em with a classic black and white movie with this so-called “scary” vintage horror flick. It weirdly sets a good mood and honestly will not keep you so captivated with the storyline that you cannot look away for a few minutes (or more, hint hint). Also, now you can say that you watched Creature from the Black Lagoon. Kind of.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean

“It has a pretty good soundtrack,” William & Mary junior Caroline Lautenbach said. There might not be any worse first world problem than hooking up with an awkward movie going on in the background (Pro tip: Avoid loud cartoons like Spongebob…childhoods are at stake here). But with Pirates, people literally play the soundtrack in orchestras. You may as well be in an opera house (you know, if you can ignore the gross basement couch you are probably sitting on).

5. The Shining

Hate scary movies but really want to hook up with that guy from film class who wants to watch one with you? Suggest The Shining. It will make you look very cool and cultured for suggesting a classic. And I will let you in on a little secret: This movie will only scare you if you spend a lot of time in hotels. Gotta love a happy medium.

When You’re Not Sure If It’s a Date or Not

6. The Graduate

A movie must have two important qualities for that awkward time when you move from friends to more than friends: 1) lots of sex and 2) the ability to spark good conversation. The Graduate certainly has both. You get music-savvy points for the all Simon and Garfunkel soundtrack that was actually written for this film. And this film (about a man who just graduated college and falls for an older woman) definitely generates a good discussion on complicated relationship politics.

7. Dinner for Schmucks

If you want to laugh and show your maybe-date your weird side, please, please, please watch this movie. It stars Steve Carell who plays a man obsessed with finding dead mice, dressing them up and putting them in cute little dioramas, and the man who finds him on the street and takes him to a “Dinner for Winners” that his company holds, AKA a dinner for weirdos. I have personally never laughed so hard at a movie, and laughter connects people on a whole new level, so this film might be just what you need in a more ambiguous situation.

8. Almost Famous

“There’s an ambiguous love vibe to it,” William & Mary junior Scott Grim said. If you find yourself in the process of trying to impress your potential-bae with your music taste, throw this fun movie on for some good classic rock tunes.

9. The Danish Girl

“If whoever you watch this with makes fun of Eddie Redmayne at all during this movie, you probably do not want it to be a date anyways,” said University of California, Los Angeles senior Ben Goldberg. Too true, as Eddie was #phenom in this film.

10. The Social Network

This movie definitely fits the “lots of sex scenes” criteria. Most of it takes place in Boston winters, driving the characters and probably you two to get cozy. The characters are morally complex. It also brings up questions of life priorities (would you rather be the founder of Facebook and have no real life friends or be a nobody but have a million real life friends?).

11. All six hours of Pride and Prejudice

It’s not technically a movie, but you might want to try this. “If they sit through all six hours of Pride and Prejudice with you, they DEFINITELY like you as more than a friend,” William & Mary junior Tess Thompson said. Binge watching a whole series together definitely sounds like a solid litmus test for whether your friend likes you or, you know, like likes you.

For Your Anniversary

12. It’s a Wonderful Life

“It makes you realize how good you’ve got it. People always want more, we’re always wanting something new or something better but we don’t realize how good our current situation actually is,” said James Madison University junior Rachel Dumene. Wow, that advice sounds relevant to relationships AND economic crisis. Maybe your SO snores loudly, but he does also make you laugh harder than anyone.

13. A Documentary you can both nerd out to

Revealing your dorky side can be really attractive, especially if the two of you both have the same niche interest. I have friends who have watched Blackfish on dates and connected with the other person over a shared passion for environmental activism. Personally, I bonded with my current bae over a Ken Burns civil war documentary, so do not be afraid to venture into deep nerd territory like that. Look at it as a chance to find out what secret niche interests your partner has that you might not know about yet.

14. 10 Things I Hate About You

“It’s cute! ‘I love you even when I hate you,’ is very accurate in some relationships,” William & Mary junior Natalie Batzel said. Everyone loves a good 80s movie, so put this one on for a good old fashioned movie date night. And get ready to love love even more than you already do.

15. Or Try Exchanging favorites

If you have yet to do so, have a great movie night by going back and forth watching your faves. While some people might break up with me immediately for admitting that my favorite movie is Donnie Darko, you probably like something much less apocalyptic, so no worries.

16. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

“Hah, you’ll never want to forget your SO after this one, am I right?” University of Colorado-Boulder freshman Ally Schwartz said. Good joke, being that the movie depicts a couple who has their memories wiped every time they break up, but keep finding their way back to one another because of true love and all that jazz.

When you actually just want to watch some Netflix, gosh darnit

17. Forrest Gump

“I feel like this movie is just so iconic and you are able to zone out and relax if you want to. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks is a great actor, and the historical aspect is really valuable,” Fridley said. Everyone loves Forrest. Everyone can get into it, not matter how many times they have seen it. This movie should be mandatory once a year, at least.

18. 21

Ever heard of this movie about some MIT kids who decide to learn to count cards, fly out to Vegas and make some #cashmoney? Their success story (can you call it that? You be the judge…) feels more than compelling and relatable, other than the fact that I could not learn how to count cards to save my life (anyone know of a good tip calculator app?). You can snuggle up to bae while living vicariously through the characters.

19. Precious

Queen Gabourey Sidibe’s first movie will not disappoint. If you think you are in a bad situation, that’ll all be put in perspective after watching this film about an illiterate pregnant abused marginalized woman. It’s a tear jerker for sure, but it might be just what you need at the moment. You wouldn’t want to watch this on a first date, but well, after dating for some time you’ll feel comfortable crying in front of your SO.

20. The King’s Speech

“It’s not a really complex plotline but it’s one that you probably shouldn’t talk a bunch during it. It tells the story of King George and how he gets over his speech imped during WWII when the country really needed solid leadership,” Fridley said. This movie was everywhere in 2010, why not bring it back and watch it with bae when you are down for something a little intellectual?

21. The Butler

If you are a history nerd like me, or just still trying to love America like all of us are, you will adore this film. It follows a man who was a White House butler for pretty much his whole life. If your SO is also a history fanatic, then feel free to nerd out together. No need to hide your more embarrassing side, am I right? Also, OPRAH STARS IN IT. Enough said.

Zelda Fitzgerald, but more genuine.

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