10 Gift Ideas for the Friends Who Left You in Maryland

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Remember that moment when you realized that all your friends were leaving you in Maryland? Here you are, living close to home and soaking up that sweet in-state tuition, but all your friends are… well, not. “I have to go see the world,” they all professed. But don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time before you get that text from one of your friends:

I miss Maryland :(

Your friends are probably longing for Old Bay, crab feasts and downtown Annapolis. So get them a gift that’ll remind them of this great state.

1. Old Bay Anything

Every state has their “thing.” Georgia has peaches, Florida has oranges and Maryland has Old Bay. Have you ever met a Marylander who doesn’t love it? They don’t exist. Whether it’s a jumbo can of Old Bay or Old Bay chips, your friend will be sure to thank you for this yummy gift.

2. Flag Pillows

When your friends are missing Maryland, they’ll be grateful you got them this stellar gift. Hopefully when they use it, they’ll remember the comforts of home. They can just close their eyes and drift back to the Chesapeake.

3. Maryland Gear

If you’re from Maryland, you probably already have some gear: a scarf, a hoodie, socks or even shoes. You can never have too much MD swag, though. If you go to any mall or plaza, you should be able to find a store that’ll cater to all your state apparel needs, and your friends will thank you for it.

4. Flag

Maryland’s state pride is excessive at times, but who can argue when you have such a cool flag? It’s completely justified. Let your friends shove their state pride down everyone’s throat with a flag that they can hang in their room.

5. State Necklaces

I’m not going to lie, I would love if someone got me a state necklace like this. The perfect accent to any outfit, state necklaces are a home run with your out-of-state friends.

6. Crab Gear

This has the same principal as Maryland gear. Everyone has some, just look around. Crab feasts are a shared experience by all Marylanders. So when your friends are longing for home, they’ll just look at their sweet crab gear and remember cracking open those tasty crustaceans with friends and family. (This will go great with those Old Bay chips you got them.)

7. Bumper Stickers

Everyone knows bumper stickers are where the heart is. Get your BFF a Maryland sticker for the car their parents reluctantly let them take to school, and everyone will know where their loyalties lie–especially those tailgating them on the highway. This is a simple and sweet way to let them know home is just a drive away (unless they go to the University of Hawaii).

8. Maryland Cups

A cup, thermos, or water bottle is a really easy gift that will help out-of-state students when they’re on the go. They’ll be able to show their state pride to everyone around. Get one with some unique flair–how embarrassing would it be if your friend was seen out with the same Maryland iced coffee tumbler as another freshman in their intro to Comm class?

9. Maryland Art

Art is a little more on the pricey side of gifts, but (hint) it’s also on the more thoughtful side. If you look on Etsy, there are some very creative and beautiful pieces that celebrate the great state of Maryland and would be perfect for brightening up a dorm room wall.

10. Ornaments

Definitely a more Christmas-oriented present, an ornament puts everyone in the festive holiday spirit. They’ll come in handy for the next holly jolly season your friends spend at their fancy out-of-state colleges–it’s not every day that you can rep your home state with decorative ornaments. It serves as a piece de resistance of Maryland-related gifts you could get for your friends who (stupidly) left the state in the first place.

Freshman and communications major at the University of Maryland. Creator of mulattea.com. Mixed girl blogger. Loves all things food related.

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