Your Professors Have Lives Too

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Odds are when you’re strolling through Safeway stocking up on snacks for the upcoming semester, one of the last people you would want to run into is your nutrition professor. Who wants to get into an argument over why Chef Boyardee is actually a healthier choice than Spaghettio’s?

Unfortunately, bumping into teachers outside of class is a affliction that dozens of students across America encounter on a daily basis. That’s not even considering the fact that it happens all around the world – officially an epidemic. While it’s certainly nowhere as serious as running into your shrink at a Blockbuster or your ex-girl-friend catching you coming out of a Katherine Heigl film alone, it certainly has potential to be an unpleasant experience – possibly even for both parties. Here’s a few of your cringe-worthy stories on the day to day equivalent of Luke Skywalker bumping into Yoda at a GalacticMart:

 “It wasn’t awkward because I bumped into her, not at all. It was awkward because I’d been talking about her as I walked into the pizza joint with my friend. I was telling them about how her accent gets in the way of actually understanding the material when she turned around and said ‘hey’ to me while we were waiting to order. I don’t know if she knew I was talking about her or if she wasn’t listening, but it’s something that still bugs me every now and then.”
–Briana Fitzgerald, Junior, the University of Idaho

 “Before Borders closed, they had those massive sales, right? Well, I figured I’d stack up on books that my sister and I may want to read between now and forever. I was picking up books left and right, including some which shall remain nameless, when I literally bumped right into my English professor. Our books fell out of our arms and sort of mixed in a massive pile. It was so awkward having her see the books I’d picked out for my sister and assume I was reading at a seventh grade level, equally awkward seeing what she’d picked out. I didn’t even know Twilight appealed to 40 year olds. Hopefully she just has a little sister too.”
 –Kayla Norton, Sophomore, McGill University

 “I knew my professor and I were from the same hometown. I didn’t know he had a summer job though. One time I was going through McDonalds’ drive-through, when I heard a familiar voice ask me if I wanted ‘fries with that.’ It took me until I got to the front window to realize that it was, in fact, my Econ professor who’d just taken my order.”
Chris Page, Senior, George Mason University

So remember folks, no matter how grade-changing (if it's bad enough) your encounter with a professor may seem to be there’s always someone out there whose encounter is an awkward step above yours.

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