You Are What You Eat

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Bikini season. These two words are ones that make most of us ladies cringe. The pressure to have that “perfect bikini body” sets in right around spring break. After the numerous slices of pumpkin pie you had at Christmas and pink and red candies you stuffed your face with on Valentine’s Day, you start eating better and exercising more.
The worst thing you could imagine would be for all of that effort to go to waste. There are certain summer foods that we all love but we know we shouldn’t have. It’s not only about looking the way we want, it’s about staying healthy, too. Here are some suggestions that will hopefully scare you into making better decisions:
1.) Ice Cream
Whether it’s in a cone, a cup, a cake, or with hot fudge on top, we love it. But with the overload of lactose, fat and sugar, it’s probably better to opt for an alternative. Frozfruit is a great choice. With no fat and so much natural sugar, it is a healthier, more natural option than ice cream with the same refreshing cool!
2.) Hot Dogs
They’re kind of a mystery – no one really knows what’s in them, and no one really wants to know. They’re packed with saturated fat and sodium, which makes you bloat: definitely not great if you want to keep a lean summer physique. Have a turkey burger instead. With a whole-wheat bun, lettuce, tomatoes, and other toppings, they’re much more nutritious.
3.) Dips
Dips are so easy to pour out and serve at a party. But with a little more effort, you can put out some healthy guacamole. Stores make it so easy now; many preparing them for you to buy already made or will have easy-to-prepare kits. You’ll be saving about 100 calories, and you’ll have amazing natural fats from the avocados, which are great for your hair and skin.
4.) Popcorn/Chips/Junk Food
This one is easy for me. I’ve never been one to eat that much junk food. But in the summer, with popcorn, chips, and other snacks lying around, I can’t help but cave every once in a while. But then I remember, “How can I do that when there is so much amazing fruit around!” Summer is fruit season. Grapefruit, pineapple, berries, nectarines, peaches. Substitute the junk food for fresh fruit and you’ll stay healthy and energetic.
5.) Fried Chicken
It’s one of my weaknesses, and it goes great with some corn on the cob. But by eating grilled chicken instead, you cut down nearly eight grams of fat and a large amount of cholesterol. And the best part is, after a long day in the summer heat, heavier meals make you feel so much fuller than they do in the winter. After some grilled chicken, you’ll feel just as satisfied.
These sacrifices are ones worth making, but I can’t promise that I won’t cave every once in a while. But as long as I stick to choosing healthier options more often, I’m sure that I’ll have a healthy summer.
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