Winter Fun: College Style

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Yes, the sun has gone MIA for the past couple months. And yes, bare bark branches have replaced the welcoming appearance of leafy green trees. Burying our denim shorts and cut-off T-shirts in the bottoms of our drawers is an unfortunate sacrifice we all must make in order to create more space for our sweaters and pants. But is winter all bad?  Fortunately, even as college students, it is still socially acceptable to channel our inner 10 year old (and if it’s not, I will proudly be the first to admit that I do anyway). Below are some of the ways you can enjoy these college days, even in the frigid winter temperatures:

For the Outdoor Enthusiast:

1.) Sledding

Whether you’re a freshman and can make exceptionally good use of the dining hall trays or you’re a 20-something senior who has found another way to use last Friday’s plastic beer pong tournament table, there’s always a creative way to make yourself a sled. Wander around campus for a little bit, and you’re bound to find some semblance of a hill to slide down as you squeal like a giddy elementary school girl.

“When I was a freshman in college, my friends and I would always take trays from our dorm’s dining hall and run to the Arb, which is basically just a big, beautiful nature conservatory with lots of hills. In the winter time, it looks like a winter wonderland, and we always had the best time.”

-Jessica K., Junior, University of Michigan

2.) Ice-Skating

Whether you’re accompanied by a large group of friends or a significant other, ice-skating is a traditional and fun way to enjoy the winter nights. Contact your university’s hockey arena to learn more about free skate times and availability.

“During the winter, we like to plan ice-skating mixers with the other graduate schools. It’s a great way to meet other students and enjoy the cold weather in small amounts.”

-Jill W., Law Student, University of Michigan

For the Indoor Adventurer:

If the arctic weather is too uncomfortable for your taste, this winter season is the perfect opportunity to take up some new activities you’ve never tried before.

“My roommate and I absolutely hate the cold weather. We decided that instead of staying in and doing nothing all day, we want to try indoor rock-climbing! It’s a fun way to be active even in the cold.”

-Emily M., Senior, University of Wisconsin

For the Aspiring Chef:

Winter is a great time to test out your culinary acumen.  If you Google “winter recipes,” the possibilities are endless.  From candied sweet potato tarts to roasted onion soup with fresh chèvre, your comfort food options spread as far as the eye can see… and as far as the waistline can stretch.

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