Why Temple University Is Not So Scary

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When you tell people you attend Temple University, you will almost always be asked, “Isn’t it dangerous?” or “Don’t you get scared?” The common misconception is that if you attend Temple, you are constantly dodging bullets or fearing for your life because of the North Philadelphia location. To make matters worse, an article recently came out naming Temple University the second most dangerous school in America. I can see why people question the school’s safety; however, despite this recent article, it is important to remember all the reasons why Temple is safe and that there is no reason to be afraid to call Temple home.

Temple University Police

One of the best safety measures at Temple is having specific campus police trained by the Philadelphia Police Department. (Yes, that’s a good thing.) No, I am not talking about security guards but actual cops. You can always call them if you do not feel safe, and they will escort you to your destination. Feel sketched out walking home alone? You can have your very own police escort to your door. There are two police stations on campus, and trust me when I tell you, there are never a shortage of police officers patrolling on and around campus.

Strict Residence Hall Security

Freshman year I was walking back to my residence hall with my friend when a man began talking to us and continued to follow us throughout campus. We eventually walked into our residence hall, and he went away. Every Temple student that has ever lived on campus has been frustrated with their residence hall’s protocol, but it may have saved my life. Not only are students required to have their student ID swiped upon entry to their residence halls every time, but they also are limited in the amount of guests they can sign in. I know it can be a pain when you’re in a rush or have your hands full, but when you take time to think about it, you should be thankful. Temple is located in the city and unlike many schools, it doesn’t have a gate or check in system to come on to campus. This means that anyone could walk onto our campus whenever they want.

Blue Call Buttons

A friend told me she accidently pressed a blue emergency call button once, and the police were there within seconds. I personally have never used nor have seen anyone use one of these buttons because of an emergency. Even so, it is reassuring to have these scattered both on and off-campus. These might be a last resort for many, but are still a valid source of protection and are located all over campus. Help can really be there with just the push of a button.

Owl Loop/ TUr Door

Every Temple student has a special place in his or her heart for the Owl Loop and TUr Door. Whether you spent hours in the tech or are coming home from night class, students don’t always want to walk home. With a majority of upperclassmen living off campus, having a shuttle service running from 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. is extremely useful. Walking four blocks to your off-campus apartment in the dark can be dangerous, which is precisely why Temple has offered these services. Removing the hassle of having to walk at night can make a huge difference when it comes to crime.

This is such an important topic not only because I love Temple so much and truly believe it is a great school, but also because the fears people have are 100% valid. North Philadelphia is a high crime area, and crimes against students are committed; it’s just a fact. What I am saying is that it is essential to take necessary precautions and take advantage of the resources that are provided to us as students. It is devastating to hear when people are injured or hurt in our city whether they’re Temple students or not, but it is even more devastating when there could have been something to stop that tragedy. We all chose to attend this school, and it means something different for each of us. It is time for us as students to step up and be smart with our safety. Whether that means not walking around alone while being intoxicated or taking the Owl Loop even though it may take a little longer to get home. Because honestly, living in North Philly is a huge part of being #TempleMade.

Paulina is a Junior at Temple University studying Journalism and Sociology. She loves anything from pop culture to inspirational quotes and hopes to one day call The Big Apple home.

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