What Your Temple University Dorm Says About You

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Everyone knows that in college, your dorm represents more than just your residency. Your dorm room is your identity. At Temple University, that couldn’t ring more true. Whether you live the literal high life in the Morgan Hall high-rises or prefer the Johnson & Hardwick communal life, you can easily figure out your personality based on your choice in residence hall. Whether you admit to it or not, your dorm plays a huge role in forming your college identity. Which tiny box do you fit into?


Johnson & Hardwick

The classic #freshman


You embody the freshman. Unless you live here as a transfer student, in which case I’m sorry that you live in your own personal hell. Commonly referred to as J&H, this dorm gives you the most cliché freshman experience. Located above the campus dining hall, J&H houses over 800 freshman students and is located across the street from at least three fraternity houses. The average J&H student frequents the party scene (at least in the beginning), takes pride in freshman status and has a best friend living in 1940. Only a fighter chooses this dorm because communal bathrooms are scary and so are 2 AM fire “drills.”



The cool kid


Ah, the half sibling to J&H. Students living in 1940 pride themselves on their suite style rooms freshman year. The mere idea of communal bathrooms probably disgusts you and you rushed to put your deposit in months early to guarantee your housing choice. Before Morgan Hall came around, 1940 was the crème de la crème; however, now you find yourself overshadowed. You appreciate being close to delicious food options such as Subway, Maxis Pizza and Master Wok and love the social scene on Liacourus Walk. If you live in 1940, you know exactly what you want your college experience to look like and will do anything to make it happen. You are a type A person. You probably have a Temple “T” in photographs on your wall, because you’re just that cool.


White Hall

The independent soul


Don’t let the slightly racist name turn you off. I swear he’s actually a prominent member of the African-American community, unbeknownst to many. White residents live the farthest from campus while actually still being “on-campus” as freshman. As a result, they consider themselves natives of North Philadelphia and move off-campus for sophomore year, already accustomed to the long hike to class. White houses the Innovate & Create Living Learning Community and is home to entrepreneurial individuals. In other words, they live in a small community and like it that way. Who knows, maybe the next Steve Jobs lives right next door.


Peabody Hall

The free spirit


Oh, Peabody. Much like your grandpa, this dorm gets a bad reputation because of its age and gruesome appearance. If the name doesn’t turn you off and you aren’t afraid of communal bathrooms, please prove the naysayers wrong. I hear that this dorm is a load of fun due to its artsy students. If you lived here freshman year, you probably are as easygoing and laid back as they come. Whether that is purely your original personality or stems from your residency in Peabody is still up for debate. People who live here are up for anything…which sometimes can be scary.



The athletic genius…and the label-free guy


Home to the jocks and the geniuses…no middle ground. Just kidding—there is a bit of middle ground. 1300 houses the men’s basketball team and the Honors Living Learning Community, which means a lot of athletic men and smartypants roam the halls. Not a scholar or a gym rat? Not to worry — you’ll fit right in no matter your age, thanks to the largeness and diversity of 1300. Even freshmen find a home here, especially those who don’t want to live amongst only freshmen. Plus, who doesn’t want a study buddy or gym partner as a floormate?


Morgan Hall

The high maintenance student 


Morgan Hall, the most luxurious dorm on campus. Comprised of Morgan North and South, it splits into a freshman dorm and an upperclassman dorm. The building is only a year old and the most expensive on campus, so high maintenance students set their sights on Morgan and accept no other alternative. Morgan students can be found wearing trendy clothes and socializing on the grass once the weather gets warm, thanks to their optimal location on campus. These students know they have it made and constantly take people up to the 24th floor to see the view of the Philadelphia skyline to rub it in their faces. Jerks.


Temple Towers

The all-exclusive VIP


Before Morgan, Towers took precedence as the top dorm on campus for upperclassmen. Home to the football team and the Global Living Learning Community, Towers houses the coolest upperclassmen. And no, I don’t just say that because I type this from my Towers apartment. Towers feels like the homiest dorm on campus thanks to its apartment style dorms. The Towers student gets involved on campus and has a solid group of friends, but isn’t overly social. Walking the halls, you don’t see doors propped open or friendly white boards on the door. Instead, you hear music coming from inside the room, signifying a party to which you weren’t invited.


Elmira Jeffries

The black sheep


Now you might ask yourself: where the hell is EJ? Not to worry, you’re definitely not alone. It is a little off the beaten path and resides near Oxford Village. This small, quiet dorm personally gives me the creeps; it feels like a cross between a doctor’s office and a retirement home and I am convinced people died there. However, for the student who values seclusion and mystery, EJ is paradise. Sure, it might prove difficult to get your friends to visit on account of the Dexter vibes, but at least you have a spacious and carpeted room to call home. The classic EJ student is that one friend who always tags along but doesn’t say much.


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Paulina is a Junior at Temple University studying Journalism and Sociology. She loves anything from pop culture to inspirational quotes and hopes to one day call The Big Apple home.

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