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Remember when wearing white after Labor Day was a fate worse than death? Well, erase that highly unfashionable proverb from your mind and listen up… or I guess I should say, keep reading…but that isn’t nearly as demanding.

Today I wore a Chanel-inspired white lace jacket, and let me tell you, there was nothing offensive about it. In fact, I got plenty of compliments – because really, no one cares if you wear white! Not only is this post-Labor-Day weather still conducive to white summer wardrobes, but white is possibly the chicest color ever, no matter which way this side of Earth is rotating.

But I’m not saying your white eyelet sundress is appropriate for a blizzard; you have to choose the right shapes, materials, and accessories to make the color as rich and striking as possible. My favorite white pieces for winter are the following: crisp white suits and white oversize knits. Clearly the latter is the more appealing (and accessible) option for college students, so I’ll explain accordingly.

While they’re decidedly casual, white knits are both cozy and unexpected. I love how a dreamy white sweater looks in a sea of black and gray; plus, white (or cream) brightens pale winter skin much more effectively than harsh, darker colors. Who doesn’t love a dewy glow amid sub-zero blizzards? For example, take the drapey coat, chunky sweater dress, waffle-knit cape, and cable crew neck below; these are fresh, on-trend, but still a little out of the ordinary. Enhance the texture and color (or lack thereof) with deep jewel tone scarves and bags, contrasting textures, and buttery cognac leather accessories.



Photo Credit:  comfortinstylemag.com

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