What Women Actually Want

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Although guys might claim differently, we ladies don’t ask for much. Even the girl who can’t leave the house without a blowout and the girl who only orders vodka sodas (low-cal, of course) have the same basic needs as us low-maintenance gals.  Even the girl who refuses to sleep over because of that one Thursday you woke up early and caught her with bed head, bad breath, and makeup smeared under her eyes wants the same things from her man.

Yes, we appreciate vodka sodas, but we’d take the following male moves over a  “skinny” drink any day. Whatever your girl’s needs are (from low maintenance to high maintenance) or whatever arrangement exists between you (from booty call to serious girlfriend,) these four moves will guarantee more peace of mind for both of you.

Talk, Talk, Talk

“I wish guys were better communicators; I wish they didn’t just rely on texting, but actually picked up the phone and made an effort to talk in person,” says Mariah Z., arising junior at the George Washington University.

How many times have you texted a girl to ask her to hang out? How many times have you texted a girl just to ask how her day was going, or how her last exam went? Tons, I’m willing to bet. Now, how many times have you scrolled through your contacts list and pressed that call button? How many of those calls are over the four minute mark? Probably a lot less.

“Women want you to call; it shows them that you’re interested in making the effort,” writes Bree Maresca-Kramer, relationship expert for the Huffington Post. So instead of doing the minimum amount of communication, talk to us. We'll listen. 

Involve Us For Once

“I wish guys would offer to teach a girl to play video games with them instead of simply playing them alone in front the girl,” says Chelsea D., a rising senior at Miami University of Ohio.

We might not look the like “CoD” type at first glance, but if it’s something you enjoy playing and we like you, we’ll almost always make the effort to be into it, too. Whether it’s your Xbox or the Stanley Cup Playoffs, we don’t want to feel like an outsider. Let us in already!

Be A Gentleman

This is a no-brainer. Listen to your mother, guys, she knows what she’s talking about. Hold the door open for us, offer to pay for our cab ride, or give us a call (see above) to let us know that we’re on your mind.

“A guy showed up at my door one day in a suit for a pretty casual date, rather than texting me from the car to come outside,” recalls Holli C., a rising junior at Columbia University. A move like this is something we’ll never forget.

Break Up With Us Already

“Have the balls to have difficult conversations,” says Reid Mihalko, founder of ReidAboutSex.com.

Actually break up with us. Yes, you heard me right. Don’t wait for us to see you making out with another girl at a bar, don’t try to fade out from our lives over the course of a week, and don’t send a mutual friend to tell us that we were just a little too into you—even if that is the case. Be straight with us; trust me, you’ll hurt our feeling much more if you lie or hide how you really feel. Breaking up with someone honestly is a hundred times more respectful then leaving us to eventually figure you're cheating or uninterested, and it will save both of us time and heartbreak.

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