Poster Pandemonium: 2011’s Top 10 Dorm Posters

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Back to school once again, which could only mean one thing…new posters? Of course new posters! Getting that dorm room into a working environment filled with posters that will inspire, motivate or flat out allow you to escape your current location is a must. From pictures of cityscapes to attractive young-female-surfer-backsides, there are posters for everyone with reasons some wouldn’t believe. Check out this semester’s top 10 dorm posters and what their owners have to say about them:

10. Keep Calm, Carry On

“I’m the type of student who stays constantly busy throughout the day with classes, work and activities,” said University of Maryland junior Katlin Meissinger. “Sometimes it can be overwhelming and stressful, but I have this poster to keep my optimism and morale up. It’s like a daily mantra for me.”

9. Manhattan, New York

Get lost in a cityscape and forget where you are. Pretend you’re spending the day in the Big Apple going to Wicked, chatting it up with the Naked Cowgirl, and walking into streets without a care in the world. No matter what you’re doing in your head, it probably beats studying.

8. Muhammad Ali

This iconic image of the ‘60s screams motivation. How can you say no to doing your homework with the threatening image of Ali snarling down at you above your desk?  If The Greatest tells you to hit the books, you say how hard.

7. Batman

“Batman demonstrates the potential in all of us to have a dual personality and to develop separate perceptions of how we act versus how we are perceived by others,” said University of Maryland junior Pat Belson. “Being selfless is something we should all strive towards.”

6. The Beatles

Who is your favorite Beatle? I’m all about Ringo. Listen to Zooey Deschanel from 500 Days of Summer when Joseph Gordon-Levitt mocked her favorite Beatle by saying, “Nobody loves Ringo Starr,” she replied with, “That’s what I love about him.”  Someone else needs to give the guy some love!

5. Jimi Hendrix

Do to your schoolwork what Jimi did to the “Star Spangled Banner.” Anybody who walks into your room and sees that poster will immediately know that you are a person with solid musical taste.  Unless you actually liked his rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner,” in which case there’s no hope for you.

4. Where The Wild Things Are

“I like to have it around my place because it reminds me that no matter how old we get and how many responsibilities we have, there’s always time to have fun and be a kid,” said Frostburg State University senior Lee Mora.

3. Dogs Playing Poker

“This poster says I’m pretty darn classy,” said Towson senior Emily Snyder. “I mean it doesn’t get much classier than a Saint Bernard sporting a monocle.” Well-put miss Snyder. Keep it classy. Always.

2. Beach Bums

Great to look at no matter who you are. Girls probably won’t be thrilled to see that on your wall, but you’ll get a lot of “Yeah buddy!”‘s from your male friends. If you’re looking to score, that probably isn’t the great mood setter.

1. Kitties

They’re just downright adorable. This is the poster that will show members of the opposite sex that you have a sensitive side.  Even if you don’t, those little rascals are irresistibly cute. Look at their wittle paws!
Posters say a lot about the owner. So before you scotch tape that giant poster of Charlie Sheen up above your bed, think about what it says about you. It might say you’re “winning,” but it also might say you model your life after a (insert outrageous phrase here). Check out more posters here!
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