Weight Watchers Internship

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Procurement Summer Intern in the Weight Watchers International Headquarters – New York City

If you thrive in competitive environments, love to know the ins and outs of business practices and thoroughly enjoy making money, the Weight Watchers Procurement Summer internship will lift the weight of a job search off your shoulders. Not only do you get the inside scoop on all of the company’s strategies, but you’ll also learn Microsoft software, teamwork and analytics skills. Don’t forget about all the travel opportunities. For a company that makes its mark in dieting, this deal tastes pretty sweet.

What it’s actually like

For a high power international magazine, the Weight Watchers team proves pretty laid back. “Many of the company’s operations are laid back and more focused on getting things done well rather than as soon as possible,” procurement summer intern Gopa Praturi said. She noted that due to the small size of many of the teams, people, including interns, remain pretty busy throughout the day. Because of the relatively small number of employees everyone basically knows everyone, meaning your inner network grows and you’ll feel extra comfortable your first day on the job.

Cool stuff you get to do

“Because the Procurement team is rather small, the department collaborates with a lot of senior members in different areas of the business,” Praturi said. This includes communicating with stakeholders and vendors and looking into the unpublished partnerships of Weight Watchers.  You’ll also learn future strategies and general big-picture direction of Weight Watchers. Procurement interns essentially learn the ins and outs of what makes the business work while scoring an amazing opportunity to get an inside look at an extremely successful business—definitely file under “cool stuff.”

What you’ll learn

As a procurement intern, you’ll basically learn how to run the company—OK, not really. But we can dream right? “Procurement in particular is really a cool field because it gives you an insight on how the company actually works,” Praturi said. “I get to participate in almost every stage of the source-to-pay process, and by the end of the internship, I should know it inside and out.” You can’t do better than hands-on knowledge—especially at a successful company.

How to prepare for your application

Every company looks for interns and employees that possess an equal ability to perform necessary tasks as well as work comfortably and easily with a team. “A candidate who possesses strong analytical skills, works well in a team and is eager to learn will excel in any department at Weight Watchers. If your resume reflects these qualities, you’re good to go!” Praturi said. Anyone can learn practical skills, but people skills carry just as much, if not more, importance.

Skills to impress them

“Excel, Excel, Excel!” Praturi said. “Pretty much every intern here has had to use Excel for their jobs.” Showing knowledge in using the company’s most-used software takes highest priority. However, Weight Watchers “puts the brand first.” To score major brownie points with the company, show that you can “(convey) ideas and (solve) problems using a strategic brand lens,” Praturi said.  It shows a great amount of initiative if you show up to the job already ahead of the curve—ready, if you will, to excel.

Cool perks

Weight Watchers provides a number of great perks for their interns. Mainly “everyone in the internship program has free access to the Weight Watchers Freestyle program and a number of our products,” Praturi said. Some of the interns also get the chance to travel all over the US with their teams. “Plus, the rooftop at our HQ is pretty great,” Praturi said. Doesn’t sound like a bad gig to me.

The deets

Paid internship (score!)

Monday through Thursday 9 to 6 p.m. and Friday 9 to 1 p.m.

Take a tip from Praturi and apply via LinkedIn, or visit the Weight Watchers website to apply.

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