Wake Up in the Morning Feelin’ Like P. Diddy

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By: Lauren Katz> Sophomore> Journalism and Mass Communication> The George Washington University
Many a music guru may consider P. Diddy to be arrogant, egocentric and indecisive (he’s changed his name, what, four times?). But for the sake of Ke$ha and this blog post, I would like you to consider P. Diddy to be superstar-powerful, confident, fresh and energetic.
After a long night of partying, most people dread waking up with a headache or the spins, or worse. But what if you really could wake up in the morning feeling like Ke$ha’s idealized P. Diddy? I’ve discovered some tips and tricks to try pre-passing out in order to wake up healthy, happy and hangover free.

First, before you even start drinking, make sure to eat a nutritious, filling dinner. I know many people say eating greasy food helps even more but the effect is minimal. As long as there is enough food with a sufficient amount of carbohydrates in your body, you should be able to avoid feeling too sick. Your stomach needs to absorb real food first before it can absorb the alcohol in a timely, safe manner.
Next, keep an eye on what you drink. I’m sure you know the myth, “beer before liquor never been sicker; liquor before beer and you’re in the clear.” I have heard of very few cases where this myth is factual. While it is true that taking shots (a high alcohol content in a short amount of time) before drinking a beer (a lower alcohol content in a longer amount of time), can help you avoid feeling sick better than the opposite, most people’s biggest hangover casualties are the result of consuming too many varieties of alcohol. I know many Saturday nights start off with wine at dinner, then cheap vodka at a pregame and commence with a mixed drink or two at a club. Try to avoid this. Different types of alcohol do not get along with each other in your stomach, especially wine and dark liquors. Dark alcohols have more chemicals in them, which contribute to many of the symptoms you experience during a hangover. So even if it means drinking a vodka tonic, followed by vodka shots, finished with a vodka and cranberry, your body will thank your taste buds in the morning for suffering the previous night.
If the weather and the distance permit, try to walk home at the end of the night. I make this suggestion for three reasons. First, getting out of a sweaty club and getting a breath of fresh air will definitely make you feel less faint or tired. Being in a stuffy cab will prevent you from getting oxygen at a time when you definitely need to make up for lost air from the previous few hours. Second, walking home (if you are stable enough to walk) will prevent any risk of getting car sick. I know this may sound crazy, but being on a bumpy ride can intensify the effects of feeling drunk or sick, and you definitely do not want to be stuck paying extra money to taxi drivers for leaving behind an unpleasant reminder of what you drank that night. On that note, walking home will save you money! No need to worry about having enough cash; no need to worry about tipping the driver an absurd amount of money because you are too inebriated to make a good financial decision.
Finally, when you are safely home, try to drink a full glass of water and keep another glass by your bed. One of the biggest causes of being hungover is dehydration, which is also one of the most avoidable issues! Once you begin to drink water you will immediately begin to feel better. If possible, try and have a piece of toast or some crackers, too. This sounds so cliché, I know, but it really does make you feel better by helping to absorb any of the lingering alcohol.
So I know you probably won’t keep a conscious check list of what you should do to prevent feeling hungover when you’re out, but hopefully these easy steps will find a way into your night life. If all else fails, you can always take Ke$ha’s advice and brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack before you leave… just kidding.


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