Top 10 Tees For When You DGAF About Looking Cute For Class

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I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for this semester to be over. For those days that getting up in the morning (whether it be at 8 a.m. or even 11 a.m.) is too dreadful a thought how can one look cute for class? 

1. Coffee Fix

Your alarm went off 30 minutes after it was actually supposed to. Your class starts in 20, and the bus usually takes that long to get to campus on the reg. Your Uber gets you there with five minutes to spare, which is totes enough time to get coffee before your 8:30 cause how could you survive the day without your large caramel-swirl iced coffee (even though it’s like 40 degrees out) and your two donuts? So healthy. Much nutritious.   

Price: $20


After your first few weeks of freshman year, you realized that you don’t need to look perfect every morning. Most people on campus grab their nearest (and cleanest) T-shirt, put on a pair of leggings and call it a day. This is the nicer way to say you DGAF about looking cute for class.  

Price: $5.28-$10.88

3. Unleash Your Inner Hermione

With the amount of magic it took for you to get out of bed this morning, you must go to Hogwarts.  Let the magic last throughout the day as you trek from class to class unleashing your inner Hermione.

Price: $11.96-$12.69

4. It’s Fine. I’m Fine.

You slept in the library last night and sprawled across two rolly chairs that just couldn’t help separating from other every other minute. You get to your 9 a.m the next day, and you look like death. Ain’t nobody got time to look cute for class. Everyone keeps asking what’s wrong or how you’re doing. Just point to the shirt.   

Price: $9.99

5. Mm, Rather Not

This is literally my life motto and life curse. Instead of doing what I need to be doing,  I prefer to watch seven episodes of a show I’m rewatching for the fifth time. Procrastination is just part of college life. Looking cute for class doesn’t have to be though. 

Price: $1.84-$25.00

6. Zzzzz

You decided it was a good idea to spend the whole night rewatching that show you’ve seen four times already. Come Wednesday morning, you realize that you’re gonna have to drag your ass out of bed after two hours of sleep. If I was you, which I have been before, I’d rather be sleeping too. Or at least in bed still watching that show.

Price: $9.99

7. Goal Digger

First, have a dream. Believe it can come true. Then you will achieve it. And if you’re reminded every time you walk past your reflection, anything is possible. Except for dressing cute for class. Graphics tees all th way. 

Price: $2.99-$12.99

8. how about no

Not today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not ever will I be mentally prepared to take a class before 9:30 a.m., and that’s pushing it honestly. How can one be expected to be a functional human and dress cute for class before the sun is all the way up on both coasts?

Price: $24.99-$25.99

9. A few of my favorite things

Coffee gets you through just breakfast…or you classes, I guess. Puppies can be there when you need someone to cuddle with and keep you from crying because of how stressed you are. And don’t get my started on what $12 million can help you buy. All these might make waking up early for class bearable. 

Price: $24.99-$25.99

10. Say no to mornings

Have you ever wanted to scream in someone’s face when they ask you why you’re in such a pissy mood in the morning? Why is it such a difficult concept for people to understand that mornings just aren’t your thing? If you’re not a morning person and don’t want to look cute for class (congrats, you’re normal), broadcast it to the world by sprawling it across your chest. 

Price: $8.45

Writing is life. Life is writing. I’m a junior at the University of Florida for now, but in the future catch me writing all your fave celebrity and entertainment news. Or traveling. Hopefully residing in Manhattan.

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