The Library Hunger Games: Who to Watch Out for During Midterms

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When someone mentions the Hunger Games, people usually picture Katniss with a bow and arrow, not a college library. Studying shouldn’t mean you’ll be entering a battlefield of students treating the library like it’s their living room. But with midterms comes an overflow of desperate students ready to pull all-nighters to survive. If the odds are in your favor and you’re one of the people reluctantly making your way to the library, get ready to fight off a lot of BS.

The music blaster

Music can get people in the zone, but turning the volume all the way up on your Beats mostly just damages your hearing. You brought headphones for a reason. If you have Fetty Wap cranked up so loud people can hear it across the room, then you’re defeating the purpose. Rude people like this almost make the cliché librarian that harshly shushes anyone who makes a peep desirable. Have some respect and make sure your tunes are in check.

The fashionista

Technically this gal won’t hinder any studying, but it’s pretty questionable. Any particular reason you have an LBD and heels on while everyone else is in coffee-stained pajamas? Unless you have such fierce dedication that you came straight from the club, the strut is just unnecessary. If you’re studying with the cute guy from your lit class, maybe just put on a little extra mascara to grab his attention.

The addy statue

It’s no secret that Adderall circulates on campuses everywhere, but there’s always that one person that has such little shame that they toss it back like it’s a tic-tac. Taking Adderall when it’s not yours is already a no-no, and then this fix allows you to hog a table all day without even taking a shower break. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and keep the medicated study marathon at home.

The shameless napper

The funny thing about sleep is that it’s meant to be done in your own home. It’s a hectic life and we’ve all power napped in our cars at least once, but a public space (aka on or around a library desk) just makes everyone uncomfortable. “This guy was full on sleeping. Like with a blanket, no shoes, laid across chairs in a study room they rented like a hotel room,” said Florida State University junior Allison Mills. If you’re so exhausted you have to drop everything and pass out, you might as well make the trek home. Your brain will thank you.

The Thanksgiving Feaster

Who doesn’t love to hear crunching, smacking and slurping while they cram for a test? I’m not talking about a quick granola bar either. Savages order pizzas, subs and burgers so they won’t have to give up their spots. Even if you swear you’re as quiet as a mouse during dinner, the smells are even worse. No one needs to smell your tuna sandwich and garlic fries. Use your growling stomach as an excuse to take a study break rather than reserving the library for a party of one like it’s a restaurant.

The table hog

He’s at the quietest spot, with the most comfortable chairs and the most outlets. We all know he’s not really saving those seats for his friends. ‘Little Greedy Gary’ is just spreading out his backpack, gym bag, laptop and books so no one can invade his space. Even if you really are saving for friends, you’ve got about 20 minutes before you’re just being rude. If they haven’t shown up after an hour, then be a good samaritan and share the study wealth.

The totally screwed person

There’s a decent chance you’ll witness an awkward mental breakdown. “One time a person showed up to study during finals week, took out his textbook and proceeded to take the plastic off the book,” said Mills. If you haven’t even taken your textbook out of the packaging by midterms, then you’re either a master at the subject or totally blew off the class—probably the latter. This rule also applies to people you overhear saying they haven’t been to class since the first day. Be prepared to see some tears and offer words of encouragement.

The Study room liar

People pounce on empty study rooms whether they reserved them or not. Even if you have the room reserved, you’ll get the occasional liar that says they’re the ones with the slot. Don’t let those hard asses fool you. Assert your library dominance and take back your room. You have your name on the list so they’ll just have to survive out in the loud, emotional and Adderall-filled public study area with everyone else.

Senior at Florida State University. Editing, writing, and media. Passionate sleeper and coffee drinker. Go Noles!

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