Top 10 Schools for Aspiring Musicians

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Hey aspiring musicians, despite what Ed Sheeran might say, college could be for you. If that’s the case, check out these 10 talent-driven universities to find your future home. They boast endless music concentrations, plenty of stage performance time, alumni with Grammys, master classes and an environment that’s in sync with your tune.

If rehearsal time is sacred time, you will find your symphony and other aspiring musicians at these 10 schools for musicians.

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10. University of Michigan

While known for prestige in the sports world, the University of Michigan also has an incredible music program. The School of Music, Theater and Dance delivers at least 12 main stage shows per year, including three musicals, two operas and multiple concerts. Aspiring musicians and students of all talents and departments are invited to perform. Harry Potter and Glee fans alike know that alum Darren Criss and his production company Team StarKid produced “A Very Potter Musical” during their undergraduate careers at UMich.

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