The Ultimate Back-To-School Playlist

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It’s officially the dog days of summer, and you know what that means. You’re salivating like an actual dog at the thought of getting back on campus in just a few short weeks. Why not start the process now? Whether you need to bump to some jams while packing or just blast something to drown out your mom’s warnings of “those bad boys and their drugs” on the nine-hour drive back to school, our Back-To-School playlist has just what you need: the kind of energetic sound to get you back to school in one piece.

Listen in style, too, with some of the summer’s coolest speakers. iHome’s Wireless Color-Changing Bluetooth Speakers adds a light show to the experience—talk about visualizing the sound—and iHome’s Wireless Soundflask, well, looks exactly like a tiny flask. Maybe, uh, break this one out after your parents drop you off.

1. JoJo — Leave (Get Out)

We’ll start this one off nice and slow with some #TBT R&B that perfectly describes your current bored-out-of-your-mind relationship with your rundown hometown.

2. The Animals — We’ve Gotta Get Out Of The Place

…And maybe another. It’s been a long few months.

3. Blink 182 — All The Small Things

Actually though, keep this one in mind. You’re going to forget the small things—chargers, flash drives, chapsticks, your dwindling sanity—in your packing hysteria.

4. Maroon 5 — Sugar

The perfect summer jam turned “why isn’t it still summer” nostalgia piece.

5. Jonas Brothers — S.O.S.

The Jonas Brothers’ beautiful, barely-pubescent vocal chords crooning the phrase “S.O.S.” over an energized drum track will force you into back-to-school action—either because you’re excited or because they’re making you incredibly nervous. No one’s entirely sure.

6. Lou Bega — Mambo No. 5

This song is just like reading down your back-to-school packing checklist: “a little bit of toothpaste in my bag, a few notebooks for my homework…” etc.

7. Coldplay — A Sky Full of Stars

No, you’re right, this one doesn’t actually fit the theme. It’s just too damn good to leave out.

8. Beyonce — Irreplaceable

To the left, to the left. Literally everything you own is shoved to the left side of your bedroom. You can’t even reach your bed at this point.

9. Nicki Minaj — The Night Is Still Young

Meaning, you still have a few more hours left to wrestle your entire collection of jeans into a single square-foot box.

10. House of Pain — Jump Around

Or just jump on your suitcase so you have a prayer of it zipping shut. That final pair of jeans may have been a bit too much.

11. Ariana Grande ft. Zedd — Break Free

“This is the part when…” you realize you actually can’t physically bring that many shoes with you. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

12. Andy Grammer — Honey, I’m Good.

Mom baked cookies again to tempt you to stay for one more night… But nah, honey, you’re good. (What was that? This song is “starting to get old?” No, I refuse to believe it. *Turns up iHome Wireless Soundflask to drown out complaints.*)

13. Vanessa Carlton — 1,000 Miles

You might genuinely be traveling 1,000 miles to get to school, so this could be the most appropriate song ever… Or, it could just feel like 1,000 miles. Either way it works.

14. Drake ft. Majid Jordan — Hold On, We’re Going Home

You’ll be able to survive the ride to school with this playing in the background (on loop, of course).

15. Calvin Harris — Feel So Close

Reserve this one for when you’re pulling off at your school’s exit on the highway. So close, yet still so far.

16. Justin Timberlake — Sexyback

“That’s right, campus! Sexy”—that’s your nickname in this theoretical scenario—“is BACK!”

17. All American Rejects — Move Along

“All you gotta keep is strong” so you can rearrange every single piece of furniture in your brand new, tiny dorm room.

18. Chvrches — Strong Hand

What could possibly get you more amped to organize all your new textbooks than synth drums? Also, an incredibly ‘80s aerobics video.

19. Third Eye Blind — Semi-Charmed Life

It’s semi-charmed because you love being back at school, but hate the fact that you just threw all of your t-shirts into your bag with literally no system of packing. What have you done?

20. The Verve — Bittersweet Symphony

This throwback comes on just as you find the photobooth picture of you and your hometown besties at Six Flags this past June. You take a moment to wallow in the sadness of missing them and your iHome speakers bleeds a sorrowful blue as if they know what you’re thinking.

21. Earth, Wind & Fire — September

Let’s be honest, when the 21st night of September rolls around, this should be the only thing you and your friends will be listening to. Better start priming your ears now.

22. Backstreet Boys — Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

You and your crew roll into the dining hall on the first night back, your hair whipping in the wind, with this song blasting out of your portable iHome. Perfection.

23. Stevie Wonder — Signed, Sealed, Delivered

For those of us shipping our entire livelihoods out to campus. Hopefully it all gets there before classes start.

24. High School Musical — Start of Something New

Literally, it’s the start of a new year. What, nobody else still listens to this?

25. The Beatles — Here Comes The Sun

Ain’t syllabus week grand?

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