Top 10 Party Schools: Did Yours Make the Cut?

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College. Well, there are the classes. And the roommates. And the studying. And, oh yeah, the parties. But how do you know if you’re going to the best ones? The Princeton Review has compiled this year’s top ten party schools by surveying students at colleges throughout the country about things like study habits and alcohol/drug consumption. Here is what they have come up with for 2010, and don’t worry, if your school didn’t make the cut, there’s always next year!

1. University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

The country’s first state college boasts not only its historical significance, but also a love of partying. The campus is surrounded by almost 100 different bars and infused with plenty of southern charm and tradition to keep the Bulldogs up all night, every night!  

2. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Known for its massive Halloween parties that shut down street blocks and cause wicked amounts of destruction, the Bobcats know how to have a good time all year long. If it’s not a festival weekend, then students can check out one of the 18 bars within a two-mile radius of campus. When surrounded by nothing but corn fields, what else are you supposed to do? 

3. Penn State University, University Park, PA

This huge school’s motto: Making life better. What better way to do so than to party? The Nittany Lions have fallen from their #1 ranking a few years back, but still know how to have a good time. Perhaps Playboy said it best: “We cannot rank Penn State University against other schools in the party category because we feel it is unfair to rank professionals against amateurs.” 

4. West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

Nestled in the rolling hills of West Virginia, the Mountaineers can sure fend for themselves. Local bars serve up “well drinks” every night of the week, which has kept WVU in the top five party school rankings for the last couple of years. Take us home, country roads!

5. University of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss.

This small southern town knows how to maintain traditions. The New York Times heralded Mississippi’s tailgating center, “The Grove,” as, “The mother and mistress of outdoor ritual mayhem.” The students also have a motto here: We may not win every game, but we’ve never lost a party. That being said, party on, ‘Ole Miss! 

6. University of Texas, Austin, TX

While some college students prefer to spend quiet nights at home, the Longhorns are known to pull all-nighters in The Library – a local bar. With 32 fraternities and 25 sororities, students here are in-tune with their classics as well, and can prove it: they were voted number one party school by Playboy this year. Yeehaw!

7. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

It’s nine months of spring break in Gator Nation. As if the school’s staggering list of championships wasn’t enough reason to celebrate, UF students boast the ability to throw pool parties – in November.

8. University of California, Santa Barbra, CA

The campus has its own beach and lagoon. Throw in surfboards, California girls and golden sunshine all year round: what else would the Gauchos be up to? Thousands flock to the UCSB campus every year for Floatopia, where partygoers build their own floats, then hang out and drink up at the beach all day long.

9. University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City has 52 registered bars in one square mile. You do the math. 

10. Depauw University, Greencastle, IN

The underdog of the Top 10, Depauw beat out its much larger neighbor, Indiana University, this year. For a small school of about 2,300 students, the Tigers really know how to party. Greek life here is thriving ( ranked them number one this year), with 14 fraternities and 11 sororities. Party on!

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