Top 10 Media Sources at ESU

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When we refresh the web, we find out that that Kim and Kanye are having their 300th baby. When a celebrity dies, we know within seconds. When we want to know what the weather looks like, we don’t need to look out a window. Today, my fellow status-updaters, tweeters and Instagrammers and I are getting so much of our news from media sources, while showcasing our own lives online. As a college student constantly immersed in the media world, it’s easy to overlook the importance of media platforms that are customized specifically for students. When looking through the media microscope at East Stroudsburg University, a lot of resources are available.

1. Snapchat

ESU just started its very own Snapchat. “Since so many students already use Snapchat to keep up with their friends, it’s a good way to reach them,” sophomore English and sociology major Kathleen Kraemer said. A few weeks ago, ESU Snapchat hosted a duck contest and rubber ducks were hidden around campus for students to find. After a student found ducks, they had to snap a selfie with them and send it to the Snapchat account—earning a free T-shirt. Although it was an odd way to get the word out about the new account, it definitely kept students entertained. After all, who doesn’t want free swag?

2. Warrior Instagram

Any sports fans out there? Attending all of your college’s sports games can be nearly impossible. “I can’t make it to every football game, and I enjoy watching them. So I usually stalk the Warrior Instagram for updates and cool pictures,” junior sociology major Peter Whilmer said. Thankfully, ESU Sports has its own Instagram to keep students and alumni updated on athletes and scores. The pictures posted range from live-action shots from the games to bios and success stories about star athletes.

3. Humans of ESU

Humans of ESU is a spinoff of Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York;” the Instagram account reads, “Run by ESU’s Student Senate. One story at a time. #RunESU.” “I love reading the stories posted on Humans of ESU; it helps bring us together as a campus community as we can all relate to certain stories posted,” sophomore psychology student Victoria Costello said. As college students, we’re always busy juggling work and many of us doubt ourselves. Finding inspiration is hard, especially if we’re too preoccupied to look for it. The Humans of ESU account allows us to peek into other students’ lives, sending a little encouragement our way.

4. 90.3 WESS

90.3 WESS is a student operated, non-commercial, DCC Licensed radio station located on the ESU campus. It has a diversified music format, which gives the DJs and listeners more variety. “In terms of open media, WESS is a good source because it is an open format and a very genuine, authentic source. As for news, they stream BBC which allows them to expand on world news,” senior English and communication studies student Bill Cameron said. In addition to playing music, WESS offers talk shows and gives you play-by-plays of athletic events.

5. ESU Instagram

Just like ESU Sports, the university itself has its own Insta that’s flooded with ESU pride. Posts include pictures of events that happen around campus, like fall decorations and students enjoying the gorgeous campus. “Instagram opens up the eyes and mind to different artistic approaches, be it art, sport, food, music, literature, anything. There is something for everyone to follow and enjoy, so when ESU made its own account, us students are able to like and comment on the things we can most relate to,” junior English major Kayla Sutter said. ESU’s Instagram account is updated a few times a day, never leaving out important events or opportunities for more likes.

6. Facebook/Twitter

“I’m always on Facebook and Twitter. So, anytime ESU posts something on both of those social media sites, I see it within an hour. I like the idea of the university having its own social media accounts because that is the way to get student’s attention these days,” senior communications student Jake Bernardo said. ESU capitalizes on the social media zombie state, and posts events and information on platforms that students are ultimately glued to, anyway.

7. The Website

“The ESU website is much more helpful than most of the people working in certain offices. Plus, I am able to see all of the different events on campus in the calendar,” freshman English student Shelby Stennar said. As imagined, the website includes links to a calendar of events, as well as links to information about clubs. It includes all faculty members with their phone numbers and emails, as well as access to the store and databases. Students should visit the university’s website more often—it offers all of the information they need. 

8. ESU App

The app has trending twitter updates once you open it, and a sports, featured and events tab. The top right includes the shuttle times for students that live far off campus or have a far walk to class, and in the quick access menu, students can find what they’re looking for with a simple touch. “The most impressive feature, in my opinion (and also probably most over-looked), is that the myESU portal is built into the app and actually works. This app is a great way to get everything ESU has to offer all in one place,” sophomore computer science major Frank Bondiskey said.

9. CAB

CAB, aka, Campus Activities Board, is a student-run organization that brings entertainment to ESU. “I think CAB does a great job with the events they host. I do think they should promote themselves a little more, but as a media source, they’re successful and it’s proven,” sophomore English student Janice Tieperman said. This team organizes many of the events on campus, including an inexpensive concert last spring for the musical duo MKTO. In the past, it hired Kid Ink, All Time Low, Fun and more to headline campus concerts. CAB uses flyers and social media accounts to draw attention to the different events happening on and around campus.

10. The Stroud Courier

The Stroud Courier, the university’s student-run newspaper, always has timely articles and information for everyone on campus to read. “Our staff does a great job keeping up with current events—on and off campus. If you need to know of any events regarding ESU, you can be sure to find it in the paper,” senior English student and Stroud Courier web editor Randy Lertdarapong said. The great thing about The Stroud Courier is that it offers a little something for everyone, whether you want to find out the activities for the week, are itching to read an opinion article and get in on the friction that might buzz around campus or just feel like doing a crossword puzzle for fun.

Amy is a senior at East Stroudsburg University studying Magazine Journalism. She’s an editor on The Stroud Courier, a frequent concert-goer, constant writer and a professional car singer.

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