Top 10 Gadgets for College

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One of the best things to do before getting back into the school groove is to spend money on new and improved school gear, right? Granted, parents may not be as accommodating with their wallet as the grade school days, but College Magazine will assist with the independent back-to-school shopping spree. Although imperative to purchase pencils, pens, notebooks and all other rather boring necessities to succeed in college, there are a few must-have gadgets available that will actually get students psyched to start the new semester.

Helius Solar Backpack

Well, now you’re headed to class listening to music with a practically-dead cell phone and nowhere to charge it. Have you ever daydreamed about having an everything backpack?  It could charge both your phone and iPod at the same time while you’re walking around campus.

The Helius solar backpack can accommodate those busy texting days. Typically this bag can range from $100-$120, but can be purchased on sale at Staples for only $83.24.


Remember all of those artsy students clinging to their laptops? Apple has basically taken over the world, and it‘s time to fall in line with the motto, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” Who wouldn’t want a light-weight, sleek laptop that can practically fit anywhere and has the capabilities to do just about anything. Check out the new MacBook Pro for $2,199.


All I can say is if you haven’t switched to #TeamiPhone yet, you’re completely behind. Ditch the droids and go from a zero to hero in no time.

iPhone Charging Case

It seems as if phones die entirely too quickly now-a-days, especially after switching from one app to the next all day (you know who you are).. So, if you have already purchased a backpack, you can still invest in a phone case that actually charges your phone.

Check out for some of the best prices on this amazing asset.


Want something you can carry around and take notes with in class and play games with at the same time? Check out Apple’s newest iPad. For $499, you can view the most vivid pictures from the new 5mp iSight camera.  It also includes a wireless internet connection guaranteed to connect to data networks around the globe. 

Echo Smartpen

This little gadget has proven to be a great investment. With the SmartPen, you can record lectures, notes, and audio and upload it to your computer for personal use. So, if you happen to fall asleep in class and you need something more discreet than an actual recorder, click your Smartpen and let it work for you.

IamaKey USB Flashdrive

Avoid losing your USB or getting it stolen by saving your documents and files to a key. It’s actually a USB that looks and feels exactly like a key. You can fit it right onto your keychain or hip.

Runaway Alarm Clock

This is the most interactive clock I have ever seen. Once triggered, the alarm will go off until you literally have to get up and turn it off yourself. It can roll around on the floor, jump off the nightstand, and it can even repeat things you’ve recorded..


All-in-all, these gadgets are affordable and fun to have (the kind of fun that Lisa Frank’s trapper-keeper can no longer offer). They’ll make you want to take the five minute walk to class on a lazy morning, that is, unless you purchase the alarm clock that forces you to anyway.

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