Risky Business: Social Media Mishaps

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Have you ever accidentally posted an embarrassing picture on a social network? How about writing a risqué status before thinking twice about its message? Small mishaps like these can transform into huge mistakes. But how much worse could it get? Here are some scary social disasters that could hurt you if you’re not careful.


Please—the entire world does not need to hear about what you do before you sleep or that you have an upset stomach. There is nothing worse than hearing about someone else’s battle on the ceramic throne. Personal information and struggles need to be kept to yourself.

Picture This

Be careful with posting pictures of your crazy weekend. Employers sift through social media sites often to see size up their potential employees. Pictures of anyone under the influence or holding a red cup of any kind are never acceptable. Be mindful.

Leave Room for the Imagination

Inappropriate pictures showing too much—or too little—are also a no-no. Bare skin on any social media should be handled with care and caution. Remember, anything posted on the web is permanent. One mistake or inappropriate action will follow you for years to come.

Don’t Pull the Trigger

It has become so simple to describe a mood or feeling in less than 200 characters. But, don’t get trigger happy. Think before you type. Going on a rampage on twitter is never okay. Words can catch up to you and they are hard to take back. Don’t publish something that you can regret later.

Stay Guarded

The purpose of having a password for any social media account is to keep it protected. Don’t leave your password in the hands of strangers—or friends. One password can a give a person access to personal information and the ability to write or post anything. An innocent joke can catapult into sabotage.

Act wisely when managing social networks. If a post or a picture is questionable, use you better judgment—don’t post it! Halloween is around the corner, but without the proper discretion, everyday can be a fright fest. 

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