Think Before You Transfer

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We’ve all had that feeling at some point or another that maybe we chose the wrong college. This thought can strike unexpectedly, like when the university barista gets the special coffee order wrong that your hometown gal knew so well, or from seeing pictures of high school friends together at the state college where nearly half your class went.

According to the New York Times, one in every three college students  will make the decision to transfer this year. Before choosing to join one-third of your classmates and skipping out of town, take these important steps to be sure you are making the right decision:

1.) Get Involved at your current school.

No matter what college you attend, anyone would be bored sitting in his or her dorm all day. If you haven’t gotten out of bed and into some campus clubs yet, it may be too soon to transfer. If the problem is difficulty making friends, take it from someone who didn’t know a soul when she stepped onto campus —  make the effort to get involved! No matter your interests, clubs and activities are great ways to socialize and impressive points to add to that resume.

2.) Consider your dream location. 

Remember when you were dying to get out of your small town and into a big city? Well now you’re here, so why the sudden urge to move back? Before packing up for home, consider how you felt not so long ago. If your current university is too close to home, make sure you feel secure enough to go far away from family and old friends . 

3.) Talk to your academic advisor.

If you dread going to class every day, maybe the university isn’t the one to blame. Academic advisors are extremely helpful in making sure you are choosing the right major. It’s their job to help you find the right path, so pick up the phone, make an appointment and put ‘em to work !

4.) Make an informed decision.

If you’ve gotten involved, talked to an advisor and still feel like you need to get out of there pronto, feel free to start thoroughly researching the new school you plan to attend.  Good luck in this big decision!

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