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Once school rolls around again for the year, it seem like all the online researching you do concerns that lab report or that 25-page term paper (hopefully not due the next day). But don’t forget that the web is full of wonderful advice on campus life, studying and the pursuit of non-awkward dates. Check out these links to get your mind set for school.
If your idea of going crazy at college doesn’t extend beyond a study party in the stacks, take note: your frat-star friends are probably earning the same grades for half the work. Find out the reasons behind the grade-inflation phenomenon.

TalkNerdy2Me: Avoiding the Sophomore Slump

No matter how much you loved freshman year, years have different names for a reason.  To avoid the lure of trying to recreate your best times from your first year at college, check out these tips to give year two some spice.
Get ready to learn a whole new language. Not French or German, but college-speak — a set of terms and phrases that’ll roll off your tongue in a couple months, but might take some getting used to.

Small Kitchen College: Picky Eater Dating

It’s hard enough to get a date in college. Find out what to do if the person you manage to ask to dinner describes “pizza” as bread topped with only cheese (and other strange habits).
College is a place for habits — study habits, sleeping habits, party habits. But don’t forget one that’ll be sure to make your life easier: cleaning. It might not sound fun, but you'll thank us.

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