The Truth About Love, According to P!nk

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I'm gonna figure it out, I'm gonna crack that code

Gonna break it break it down

I'm tired of all these questions

And, now it's just annoying

Cause, no one has the answer

So I guess it's up to me

To find the truth about love

So declares P!nk in “Truth About Love” song, album and tour. I have to say, P!nk’s mission is ambitious. I mean, how many great and powerful men (and women) have tried to find exactly that…the truth about love? Shakespeare made a decent attempt, but if Romeo and Juliet is an accurate portrayal of his ideas about love, that whole teenage suicide thing was a bit bleak.

So how does P!nk go about this mission of discovering what’s at love’s core? Well, from what I can see, she starts by taking a close look at a college student’s typical Friday night.

First, you and your love get into a fight about where you want to go that night and who’s friends you want to hang with. And at that point you’re feeling like, ugh, “You’re Just Like a Pill,” and that instead of making you better your stupid boyfriend or girlfriend is just making you ill.


So after that big blow out you just walk away. You’re not going to let it ruin your night. You're going to "Get This Party Started." So you go to that bar, or that house party, or that frat rager and “Raise Your Glass,” because even if you hit below the belt a couple of times in your argument, you were still totally right in all the wrong ways. 



Then, when 2:00am hits, and you’ve drank your weight in cheap tequila, your back to texting your beau like, “Pleaseeeee don’t leave me.” Then you get really deep and call him or her with a heartrending rendition of “Just Give Me a Reason”. Don’t worry, you’re not broken, just bent, and you can learn to love again. If that’s not enough to bring them running back to you, P!nk and I don’t know what is.



But, at the end of the day, P!nk knows that not every love can be saved. At that point you need to say to that jerk or jerkette, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss).” And, I mean, “So What?” You’re still a rock star, no matter what relationship troubles bring you down. 



So maybe P!nk hasn’t cracked the code to “The Truth About Love Yet,” but she’s getting there. And in the meantime, her best advice is just to let loose. After all, “God is a DJ,” and life is a dance floor.


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