The Weekly Top 10 Best of YouTube Pranks

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Among a sea of World Cup commercials and Shakira covers, there were quite a few hilarious prank videos this week on YouTube. From fake alligators to haunted chairs, these top 10 pranks will have half of you cracking up and the other half just feeling sympathetic toward those being pranked. (And glad it wasn’t you.) Who knows, maybe they’ll even spark ideas for that dorm prank war you lost last semester.

10. Surprise Birthday Prank

Hey, at least this prank was a nice one. Five bros dressed in neon wishing me a happy birthday on just an average day? I’ll take it. This may just be the next pick up strategy.

9. Jake and Amir: Spanish Teacher Prank 

We’ve all had a professor or two who was a bit kooky. This guy completely crosses that fine line; imagine the horror of a Spanish class without a professor fluent in Spanish.

8. The Cold Water Challenge Prank

Ah yes, just some quality family time spent in a Kool-Aid war. If I ever dumped Kool-Aid, let alone frozen Kool-Aid on my dad, the reaction would be far from accepting.

7. Heads Up Prank

As stupid as those squirmy people look, you know you would be reacting the same way.

6. Singing Horribly To Girls Prank

How many of those girls who said they have boyfriends were actually telling the truth?

5. Quit Filming Me Prank 

Camera-shy students, you’ve been warned. This video is your worst nightmare.

4. Invisible Driver Prank

This prank reminds me of the time my roommate was lying so completely flat in her bed that she blended into the mattress. It freaked me out when I finally realized she was in the room.

3. The Haunted Chair Prank

That poor little girl is never going to be able to sit in an armchair again.

2. Remote Control Alligator Prank

If I ever thought there was an alligator right in front of me for even a second, there’s no way I’d be standing there taking pictures with my cellphone.

1. Father's Day Shopping Prank

Imagine taking this prank to the campus library and reading off a list of fake, inappropriately named books.

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Meaghan is a junior English and Communications major at Boston College. She enjoys going to concerts, taking photos, catching the train home to Cranston, Rhode Island to play outside with her three nephews and dining hall cookies.

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