The Man Behind the Monster: CM Interviews Dexter’s Michael C. Hall

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Under typical circumstances, having a killer call you is not good news. But when it's Dexter on the phone, a girl can learn to make exceptions. 

Last night was the penultimate episode of Dexter's penultimate season and Michael C. Hall, the man behind the monster, says his character has definitely come a long way since season one. "I think all along Dexter's problem has been his search for a normal life. In the beginning, he has no human emotion, he's a total monster," he says, "but now he's looking for a richer life."

According to Hall, it is precisely Dexter's thrist for humanness that is his biggest weakness. "What's tragic is not really Dexter's monstrosity, but his appetite to have a normal life as well. He can't have both, and he has to realize that," he says.

Dexter's constantly looking for connection, Hall explains, but his relationships always become problematic, to say that least. "Just look at his relationship with [his sister] Debra. She knows the truth now, and she's struggling with that knowledge," he says. 

But being a killer isn't only hard on Dexter and his sister. It's hard on Hall himself. Playing a killer that audiences have no trouble falling in love with is no easy feat, but Hall is always up to the challenge. 

"Actors usually draw on real experiences and emotions but when you have to portray a killer, that can only take you so far. You have to work out all your personal alchemy so that you can make it convincing. I'm obviously not compelled to kill people, but I do know what it's like to feel compelled to do other things so I can draw from that," he explains. 

As I watched last night's episode, I couldn't stop thinking about one thing: I don't not want this season, or this show, to end. And Hall's not sure how he feels about it ending either. 

"It's defininitely a mx of emotion. There's sadness and relief. It's been a huge part of my life. But you know, I think that only when it's over will I actually appreciate what it has done for me. I'm extremely thankful," he says.

As popular as ever, Dexter has one more episode, and one more season left. The finale of season 7 airs next Sunday on Showtime and according to Hall, "it's going to be a doosy." I tried to get more spoilers out of him, I promise.

Catch the season 7 finale on Sunday at 9pm. Season 8 returns in September!


Maria Minsker

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