The Lazy Student’s Workout Guide

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As the temperature heats up, you'll want to strip down. And working out is the best excuse for wearing less. But if that's not enough motivation to break a sweat, then check out our tips to help get you going.


1. Revamp your playlist

Music is an excellent distraction while exercising. Create an upbeat playlist that coincides with different periods of your workout, like “Warm Up” or “Cool Down.” Try featuring a new album you’ve been dying to hear; this will motivate you to play all the new songs and will extend your workout time. Or consider listening to a comedian’s stand up routine or podcast to keep you engaged.


2. Bring a friend

“Other people motivate me to workout” says Indiana University junior, Abby Gehlhausen. When you’re on your own it’s easy to quit the minute you feel tired. Exercising with a friend creates a support system for additional motivation. A good conversation can distract you from your strenuous workout and keep you going longer than expected.


3. Make it a habit

At the beginning of each week set your workout schedule. Planning your workout right when you wake up, before class or after work will help your body adjust and make you feel like you cannot accomplish the next activity without exercising first. Having a good workout ethic embedded into your schedule will keep you from skipping or forgetting your workout.


4. Don’t get bored

Though routine is necessary, if you are constantly doing the same thing over and over again it’s easier to get burnt out and you may not be getting the same results as your body becomes more accustomed to the workout. Try a new workout class, such as College Magazine’s top picks, and mix them up with your routine jog or weight training.


5. Get outside

All workouts don’t have to take place inside or at a gym. “It is rare that I go to the gym, I always run outside…I love it,” Gehlhausen adds. On days you can’t fit in a workout, take the longest walking route to your job or summer class. If you can, park in the furthest parking space so you’ll be forced to get some exercise just by walking to work or school.


These easy adjustments can help get you on track with your personal workout. Don’t feel insecure that you only workout for a certain amount of time. Exercise is something you should choose to do and the amount should be up to your body’s comfort level.


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