The Hairy Truth

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People try to look and feel their best all the time. But with the cold weather setting in and finals just around the corner, it can be challenging for students to stick with their personal grooming routine. Whether it’s forgetting to shave or forgetting to shower, neglecting one’s grooming habits can be a turn off.

“It’s getting to that time of year again where I practically have to beg my girlfriend to shave her legs,” said Scott Critch, a senior at Chapman University. “She doesn’t think it matters because she’s wearing pants all the time now, but she forgets that I can tell. It drives me nuts.”

But others can be more understanding when it comes to these things: “My boyfriend doesn’t notice anything and even when he does, he doesn’t really care as long as I’ve showered fairly recently,” said Cassandra Schnieder, a sophomore at Mills College. “It’s awesome because once winter rolls around I hardly ever shave.” Consider her lucky.

Walter Jackson*, a junior at UCLA, said he can definitely notice when his girlfriend’s eyebrows – and other areas – start to get a little unruly: “I try not to say anything because I don’t want to come off like a douchebag, but sometimes I feel like I should just so she’ll know.”

Maintenance can definitely be important for some, but Christina Russeau, a senior at Cal State Fullerton, said she had an interesting experience with a guy who liked grooming himself a little too much: “One night over the summer I was at a club with my friends and I met a guy who owned a ‘better body nutrition shop,’ and for some reason I decided to bring him home with me. Later that night, he told me he shaved his whole body and goes tanning regularly, which I thought was really strange. To make matters worse, when we were spooning, I could feel how prickly his legs were…it was the most awkward, uncomfortable situation of my life.”

But some girls like men with a little hair, just as long as it’s in the right areas. Taylor Epstein, a senior at Pitzer College, said she does not like men clean-shaven because it makes them appear too innocent. “I like when guys have facial hair; I really dig the scruffy look. It makes them look more masculine and sexy, but sometimes if it’s too much it can be uncomfortable to make out with them,” she said.

While there are people who are diligent about their grooming habits, sometimes they fail to clean up after themselves. Whether it’s the toothpaste that somehow winds up on the bathroom mirror or the hair that clogs the drain, it can be disgusting to find the remnants of someone’s grooming routine. “I’m glad that my boyfriend doesn’t let his inner caveman go wild, but I think it’s so gross when he doesn’t clean his pubs from the toilet seat,” said Mariah Slater*, a junior at San Jose State University.

Does your partner have bad grooming habits? Take advantage of the holiday season and get him or her a gift that sends a subtle hint. If girls want their guy to smell better, buy him some cologne, and if guys want their girl to have some waxing done, get her a gift certificate to a beauty spa. Now, the only thing left to do is encourage them to polish up their grooming routine without making them feel weird about it. Good luck!



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