The College Student’s Guide To Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning: it is officially that time of year again. Even for those students who consider their spaces spotless, taking the time to rearrange, de-clutter and organize your things is always beneficial. Here are a few areas to focus on when tidying up your study space and your life: 

Clothes when organizing your wardrobe it is helpful to go through the following steps:
1. Swap last seasons clothes: as the weather gets nicer you’ll be able put heavier items away such as sweaters and coats and bring out warmer weather clothing. Students who live close to their campuses can bring these items home and those who live farther have the option of shipping or storing.
2. Consider donating: take the time to go through your wardrobe and consider what items you actually wear. Anything you haven’t worn in the past year should definitely go. Stores such as The Salvation Army, Buffalo Exchange and Goodwill all take pre-worn items. 
3. Fold and organize your clothing: from what is left, organize your closet by putting similar items together and neatly folding jeans, shirts and other items. Any clothing that can easily crease or wrinkle should be put on a hanger. 
Clutter by this point in the year it is likely you have piled up a few things. Consider getting rid of the following:
1. Paper items: go through your desk, dresser, closet and under your bed and get rid of any unnecessary things. This can be papers from last semester, old tickets, letters or any other scraps you find lying around. Remember to recycle!

2. Old textbooks: if you have any old textbooks or paperbacks you no longer need, consider donating or selling them for a few extra dollars. Many websites and places around campus will likely take them back at any point during the year.
3. Computer Files: If you don’t already, go through your desktop and documents and organize your files. Making folders like “Spring Semester 2013” and having folders for each of your courses within that will keep your files organized. Also take the time to backup your material on a flash drive, CD, external hard-drive or online.
Cleanliness after you have organized and cleared out any unnecessary things, take the time to do a thorough clean of your space:
1. Vacuum: there is a good chance your rug needs it. Try to move as much as you can and vacuum under your bed, in your closet and behind large furniture. 
2. Wash: take the time to wash all your sheets, towels and blankets. Larger comforters and duvets may have to be dry-cleaned (check washing instructions) which is good to do at least twice a year. 
3. Dust: clear off all items from your desk, dresser and other counter spaces and use a dusting product to clean the area. Hair, crumbs and lint have likely accumulated in these places as well as on the floor so it is good to sweep.
Create once the core part of your cleaning is done; take the time to explore a new look in your dorm, apartment or off-campus house:
1. Move your furniture around: consider moving a few things to give your space a new feel. If your roommate is open to the idea, switching sides or even moving your desks or beds to a new area could be a fun way to create a new vibe. 
2. Add color: bring some color into your space by buying flowers, a bright throw blanket, pillows or whatever else you can think of. Spring is about color and freshness so adding some new color to you room will help emulate this idea. 

3. Hang up pictures: print out pictures you or your friends have taken throughout the year and replace your old ones with the new. This is as easy fix to update your room and is quick and easy.
Happy cleaning!

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