The Best Looks From The Year In Film

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This year in film was marked by the presence of strong female leads. Whether solving a murder, fleeing from a cult or anticipating the end of the world, these women acted their asses off and looked good doing it.

LISBETH SALANDER in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo2011 in Film: Lisbeth Salander

In David Fincher’s adaptation of the millennium series, Salander has several facial piercings, bleached eyebrows and close-cropped bangs. Salander’s androgynous gothic look is more Gareth Pugh than Hot Topic. Though her t-shirts have holes her look is high-fashion. If she used some of that hacking money for her wardrobe, Salander would not be out of place in a store buying Alexander McQueen or Rick Owens. The key to her look is layering lightweight slouchy t-shirts and tanks with tight black pants or leggings and biker boots. No actual motorcycle required. For those with a more modest bank account H&M recently debuted a line inspired by the Swedish vixen. Though you will probably have to search the Internet high and low to find her “F–k you, you f–king f–k” shirt. (Believe me, I’ve tried). “Lisbeth Salander’s style is so badass,” Lela Chen, a freshman political science major at the University of Pittsburgh said.

MARTHA in Martha Marcy May Marlene

Martha was slowly losing her mind after she fled a manson-like cult. Despite her strange behavior her sense of style remained intact. (What’s more fashionable than your birthday suit?) This black bikini will be more acceptable in the company of her brother-in-law. Sean Durkin’s film left an element of ambiguity for the audience. It was difficult to get a grasp on exactly who Martha was versus what was a reaction to the trauma she experienced. Her classic no-fuss style gave no hint of this either. Her classic white sneakers and jean shorts were effortlessly chic. Think of the best elements of preppy havens like J.Crew, Steven Alan and Built By Wendy for a summer in the Catskills (and try to stay away from charming men with acoustic guitars).

ADRIANA in Midnight in Paris

2011 in Film: Midnight in Paris

Adriana captivated Picasso, Hemingway and a bumbling anxious writer named Gil Pender. The French beauty was an aspiring fashion designer who studied under Coco Chanel. Adriana was drawn by the glitz and romance of Paris but overtime had grown disenchanted with the city. Much like Pender, she longed to live in a different decade. Unfortunately for her, the style of the 1920s suited her immensely. The finger curled hair and flapper dresses made me wish I could party with Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. She finishes her look off with a cigarette holder and a glow in her eye, able to captivate a room without a single word. “I wish I could dress like Adriana everyday,” Rebecca Small a junior art history major at Syracuse University said.

JUSTINE in Melancholia

2011 in Film: Melancholia
It’s the end of the world as we know it, so you better go out looking good. Justine’s bridal look for the marriage that did not last the night was ethereal and beautiful. Minimal makeup and delicate accessories complemented Kirsten Dunst’s features. Her gown is a traditional a-line dress that hugs her curves. (Seriously, when did Dunst get such nice boobs?) Family disappointment and a planet crashing into earth is a lot to deal with, but Justine looked gorgeous throughout the film.

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