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Kanye West is hi-jacking hip-hop these days. He’s pretty much the only rapper that is not a member of Young Money that everyone is talking about, whether they love him or hate him. And here’s why:
1. The Hype over the "Power" Remix with… Whoever.

I honestly am not sure about the remix… at first I read that the remix would be debuted last Friday and would be featuring Jay-Z. Now we’re talking maybe Justin Bieber? Stay tuned to Kanye’s Twitter and Kanye’s own blog for more details.
2. See Me Now, Featuring Charlie Wilson and Beyonce
"See Me Now" just dropped last Thursday as the second single from Kanye’s new disc due in the Fall, originally titled "Good Ass Job." Personally, I’m so grateful he ditched that title. I couldn’t tell if he meant "Good Ass Job" as in emphasis on a job well done, or cosmetic surgery on someone’s gluteus maximus. The album so far is untitled.
Still, the track is pretty hot. Listen to it here!
3. Kanye’s Twitter Account.
Like I said in point Numero Uno, Kanye finally joined Twitter. He gained over 600,000 followers in a month. Guess who he’s following… Justin Bieber. No. I’m not kidding. Just Bieber.




Justin Bieber


[Picture courtesy of]
4. Kid Cudi‘s "Wylin’ Cuz I’m Young" featuring… You Guessed It! ‘Ye.
New song from Kid Cudi dropped this week, "Wylin’ Cuz I’m Young." Listen to it here.
Good look for Cudi getting some work with Kanye. Cudi’s one of those rappers that won’t have a lot of hits that will work  on the radio, but fans will buy his albums and download his mixtapes anyway. Kid Cudi has a new album dropping late October.




Kid Cudi


Kid Cudi
[Sexy. Courtesy of]
5. MTV is Giving Kanye Another Chance To Not Interrupt Anyone At the VMA Awards.
You heard it from the horse’s mouth. Kanye has been at every Video Music Awards show since 2004, and this year is no exception. Other performers announced include Drake and Florence and the Machine.




Florence And The Machine


Florence And The Machine
[extremely unattractive picture of Florence Welch, courtesy of]
Despite Kanye West’s gigantic ego (and this blog post), other important things happened in music recently! Here are some of them:

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