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Do you know what the worst thing to hear is? No it’s not "You failed", or even your parents saying, "I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed." The worst thing is when your roommate says to you on a Friday night after a long rough week, "I don’t know if I want to go out tonight."  Okay, maybe it’s not the worst, but it is up there.  A sure fire way to change that ‘Maybe" into a "Hell Yeah" is with the help of a prefect pregame play list.

Music can make you lose control, get pumped, or just plain old happy. After hours of achingly trying to narrow down songs, and go through a Sophie’s Choice like process of party favorites (sadly there was no room for the "Cha Cha Slide"), here is an eleven song essential pregame playlist.



1) "I’ve Got a Feeling"- Black Eyed Peas:  Oh yeah, you need to start with this song.  Not only is it contagious, but it never got old.  "When it comes on you think: ‘Okay, Fergie is telling me that tonight’s gonna be a good night, so I guess I believe her," say Kelly McDermott, from Loyola University of Maryland.  Seriously, hate on it all you want, but for the rest of your life at weddings, bar mitzvahs, sweet 16’s, and Friday nights, you will be dancing to this song. 
2) "Party Up in Here"- DMX:  Now since you all ready have the feeling to dance, it is time to party.  DMX might be crazy now, but we have to thank him for this infectious gem. Everyone mumbles along to the verses, but then the chorus rolls through, and everyone’s hands go up in here.
3) "Sleepyhead"- Passion Pit:  How is it possible to go from Ruff Ryders to Passion Pit?  "Sleepyhead” is the perfect break song.  When making a mix you have to vary.  In the great wisdom of High Fidelity a mix has to "kick off with a killer, to grab attention. Then you got to take it up a notch, but you don’t wanna blow your wad, so then you got to cool it off a notch."  This song doesn’t cool it down but brings the mix to a necessary simmer. 
4) "Baba O’Riley"- The Who:  Passion Pit, Phoenix, even Van Halen’s "Jump" would not exist with out the opening synthesizer in this song.  Beyond that, the perfect pregame play list needs an anthem!  You need a song that you can wrap your arms around your neighbor and sing/scream at the top of your lungs without worrying about an RA knocking on your door for turning your room into a teenage wasteland.  This song beats out "Living on a Prayer" and "Don’t Stop Believing" any day.  Those songs are JV and this is a varsity only play list.
5)"You Shook Me All Night Long"- AC/DC: Everyone knows this song, but according to Kaitie Clark of Loyola University, Maryland, "It makes me stop what ever I am doing to get up and dance." Keeping the trend of rock anthems, this classic needs to be on your play list because it is so much more than an 80s classic; it is the fifth track to the ultimate play list.
6)"Hypnotize"- Notorious B.I.G: Bounce your head, grab a drink, because from here on this play list means business. Jess Hanes, of Loyola University, Maryland says, "I do my best Julia Stiles when this comes on."  As kids of the 90s who doesn’t remember the ultimate table dance from 10 Things I Hate About You? Yeah, this song makes your party better than Bogey Lowenstein’s any day.
7) "Poker Face"- Lady Gaga: You could have a full separate pregame play list that is just songs by Lady Gaga, or, you know, you could just listen to her album.  Picking just one song to add to the play list is hard, but her classic "Poker Face" won this hand.
8) "Party in the USA"- Miley Cyrus: Yes, it had to be done.  Don’t hate on Miley because no matter if you are a girl or a guy, you here this song and you know when to put your hands up, nod your head like ‘yeah’, and move your hips like ‘yeah’.
9)"Patron Tequila"- Paradiso Girls: Full on party mode right now.  You are a little tipsy by this time, and this song only encourages you to refill your cup.  Listen, this song really speaks for itself.
10) "Shots"- LMFAO:  By this time your apartment, dorm, house, or room has turned into a club. "Seriously, when I hear this song at ten in the morning, it will make me want to take a shot," say Travis O’Neil of Loyola University, Maryland. While listening and dancing to this song, you start to contemplate staying in and raging in your room.  Then you remember your RA.
11) "I Love College"- Asher Roth:  This song is the perfect "everyone it is time to leave my room" song.  It says ‘get out’ but don’t lose your buzz because we are college kids and we are going out!  Grab your coat, ID, lip gloss, and money because after getting pumped, this song perfectly summarize how you feel at the moment, because after all, don’t we all want to go to college for the rest of our lives?



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