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When it comes to winter footwear, it’s hard to use cute words like “chic” and “feminine” in the description. Heavy weatherproof boots by Ugg and Sperry often replace the dainty ballet flats and statement heels of fall – even our leather riding boots get shoved to the back of the closet so as to not get ruined by snow and slush. Quite the fashion predicament.

And I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to coordinate a good outfit around clunky winter boots – even if they are completely necessary.  Don’t get me wrong, winterized outfits are perfectly appropriate for your long trek to class, but this means dressing for other events – be it dinner with friends, a movie, or a date – needs to be extra special.

Those tiny ballet flats of summer and fall can still be worn with caution (if they’re in an appropriate color, of course) but I’m feeling the need for something a bit more substantial, like smoking flats. A more feminine version of the androgynous loafer, smoking flats have the style and sensibility of a ballet flat with a bit of added coverage (perfect for subzero temperatures!)

Smoking flats are perfect for your layered ensembles of skinny jeans, heavy knits and scarves, lending a hint of edge.  Plus, they come in a wide array of colors and patterns, meaning you can build your entire outfit around them.  I’m partial to the leopard variety (what can I say… I have a type) but a simple solid with subtle details (like studs or gold trim) will become your go-to neutral shoe. 





{Clockwise from top: Manney leopard flats, VECTRA3 studded flats, Monsieur suede flats, VECTRA3 black studded flats, Manney pink leopard flats, Monsieur suede flats, VECTRA3 gunmetal studded flats}

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