Who Said It: BC Professor or BC Eagle?

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Your professors used to be college students just like you. Let that sink in for a sec.

In honor of this groundbreaking discovery, let’s play a game called “Who Said It?” The rules are pretty self-explanatory. Guess who said each of the following things: a professor or a student? I dare you to get 10/10 correct.

1. “[My peers and I] usually learn from each other, but sometimes we forget to try and understand one another.”

Oft-complaining E-Boarder OR BC professor?

It should come as no surprise that adults sometimes have difficulties getting along, just like twenty-somethings do. Education professor David Scanlon said how nicely professors interact with each other usually depends on how busy and stressed everyone is (finals week, anyone?). Sounds like professors are riding the same struggle bus we are.

2. “Initially, I was on a very different career path…I was intent on pursuing a career as a classical musician.”

Flip-flopping freshman OR BC professor?

Looks like professors don’t always have it all figured out. As an undergrad major in clarinet performance, English professor Rachel Ernst realized teaching was her passion when she was a TA pursuing her Master’s degree. It just goes to show you that it’s totally okay to have no idea what you want to major in or do with the rest of your life. Feel free to pass this along to your parents. You’re welcome.

3. “I was on the Wrestling Team my freshman year…I also worked with several of my close friends to start a jazz ensemble.”

Renaissance junior OR BC professor?

No, this wasn’t the cute redhead in your philosophy class. It was none other than Marching Band and Symphonic Band director Dave Healey. A BC student turned educator, Healey was an active member of the BCMB (surprised?). He also started BC bOp! with a few fellow musicians, so thank him for the crowd favorite at Arts Fest, Dancing with bOp!

4. “I’m the only person in the universe who doesn’t Snapchat. Is that how people gossip?”

Clueless roommate or BC professor?

Surprise, surprise, this one wasn’t a technologically inept professor. Junior Courtney Capistran said she doesn’t see the point in either Snapchat or campus gossip. “BC is so huge, I wouldn’t even know how to keep up!” she said. Here’s hoping that your professors are just as uninterested. They don’t need to hear about what you did last Thirsty Thursday…

5. “My least favorite part of school is putting together Powerpoints…to do it well is so much more time-consuming than I ever imagined.”

Lazy presentation-phobe OR BC professor?

Even professors hate making their presentations creative. History professor Ian Delahanty described creating powerpoints for his lectures as a drag—a crucial part of his job, but a drag nonetheless. On the flip side, Delahanty loves seeing his students get passionate about history, and believes that a good powerpoint can help keep even the most disinterested student awake. Oh, how naïve…

6. “[I love] getting to talk to people all day about books.”

English major nerd OR BC professor?

For English majors like me, the idea of talking about books all day is equivalent to free donut day at Dunkin. English professor Suzanne Matson is living that chocolate glazed-equivalent dream. Although her primary goal was to become a writer, she quickly learned that teaching and writing go hand in hand, Plus, it’s a lot easier to become a professor than it is to publish the next great American novel.

7. “There is so much support throughout campus for one another. I love that about BC.”

Enthusiastic Eagle or BC professor?

It’s really cool when a school of 9,000 undergrads feels small. Junior Alexis Hawkins said her favorite part about BC is the sense of community. “It’s awesome when the BC community comes together and feels like one,” said Hawkins. Stuff like that just makes you never want to leave, doesn’t it?

8. “[Boston College is] a bit less polite and deferential than it used to be. Students are willing to challenge the professors’ ideas, which I think is a good thing.”

Little miss know-it-all OR BC professor?

Surprise! English professor Andrew Sofer swears that a classroom full of curious students is much more interesting than a classroom full of head-nodders and yes men. Asking questions is something that professors love, because it means everyone is being challenged to—dare I say—think.

9. “Rarely [do I eat in the dining halls]. This is because I can’t afford it, but also because I am a devoted brown bagger.”

Frugal off-campus dweller OR BC professor?

You were right all along: the dining halls are overpriced! Scanlon said it’s a shame the prices are so high, because the food is pretty good and he’d like to share some communal meals with folks. My dare for you all: If you ever see him on campus, offer him a Hillside panini and nice chat.

10. “The story my dad tells at dinner parties is that I knew I was going to be an Eagle when I used my newly-gifted Notre Dame onesie (from his best friend and an ND grad) as a diaper.”

BC legacy OR BC professor?

Junior Chris Mathews loves this story about the moment he knew BC was the place for him. Realistically, though, that moment came during his first visit to campus. “I only remember saying, ‘I have to go here,’” said Mathews. But the onesie story is much cuter.

Tally up: did you pass? The professors at BC (and everywhere else) sound surprisingly just like every college student you overhear in the Stokes Chocolate Bar. Next time you have a particularly interesting professor, go to office hours (just to chat, not to bug them about that essay you handed in late) or invite them to grab coffee. They’ve done this whole college thing before, you know.

Senior at Boston College. Future high school English teacher. I laugh, eat, and talk too much. My main loves include the Boston College Marching Band, peanut butter, pandas, country music, and Breaking Bad.

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