Rocking Out of College

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Sometimes, you have to chose career over college. If that career is music, then college is oftentimes the last place you want to be. For nine musicians though, listed in The Huffington Post as "The Smartest Rock Stars," that decision was a bit harder.

From Alicia Keyes, who dropped out of Columbia University after four weeks to pursue her music, to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, who graduated with degrees in Greek and Latin from University College London, these musicians prove that their talents are truly multi-faceted. Too often, celebrities and musicians are categorized and fitted into molds which fail to include all of their personality. Sure, the fact that Rivers Cuomo attended Harvard probably wouldn't make or break Weezer's success, but it's a significant part of him that likely comes as a surprise to most people.
While some of the musicians on this list abandoned their studies or completed them with serious interruptions, they're still important reminders that people, even celebrities, are fully capable of having more than one passion. And, given the success of these musicians, devoting some time to exploring their more academic interestes didn't harm their eventual careers. In fact, they are probably grateful for the opportunity to do both.

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