How I’ll Remember Heavy D

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You might be wondering, what connection could I have to Heavy D? His biggest hit “Now That We Found Love” released before I was even born. And to be honest, I hadn’t even heard of Heavy D until his publicist emailed me in 2008.

After a quick wiki search, my initial thought was, why would College Magazine interview a musician from the 80’s? Little did I know, the rapper had just released a reggae album, and after listening to just one track, I loved it. Not to mention, it turned out that Heavy D was a pretty big name in the music industry, even helping Diddy secure his first internship at Uptown records. This was an artist that students would enjoy reading about and I was pretty excited to interview him.

Check out our interview with Heavy D from Nov 2008.

Our editor in chief, Brian Cognato, and I decided to take the interview together–we both wanted to meet Heavy D, who I’m pretty sure told us we could call him “Hev” and it was one of our earliest celebrity interviews so we were kind of nervous. We had Hev on speaker phone and he was by far the nicest person, happy to answer all our ridiculous questions. And he wasn’t afraid to be real, adding why his college interns loved his new album: “[At first], I was trying to figure that out myself. Then, I put one and one together: reggae…and weed. Of course they’ll like it!” Hev said.

What an amazing opportunity to interview such a legend and talented artist in the music industry. Heavy D died this Tuesday, November 8, at the age 44. You will be missed Hev.

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