Rejected Resumes: Your First Time

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Struggling to fill your resume as you apply for your first job in college? America’s favorite teenager Chuck Bass is in the same boat. But slacking off with Serena, Blair and the gang has left Chuck with little time for “resume builders.”

Our resume expert, Millie Robinson, Human Resources (HR) consultant and former HR director at The Village Voice, dishes her no-nonsense resume advice on this sad resume before us.
Problem 1: The Objective
“Why write a vague, wimpy objective like this? Employers don't give a crap what you want. It's more important to focus on what the employer wants. Gear your objective toward a specific employer and write a few brief, attention getting, hard hitting sentences,” Robinson says. 
Problem 2: Education
 “At this point, your $150,000+ education may be the most important thing you have going for you. Pump it up! Add the city and state of the university,” Robinson says.

Problem 3: GPA
Robinson addresses the age-old issue of GPA- to put on or not to put on? “If your GPA is 3.0 or better, add it. If not, leave it off, dumbass. Also, add any courses or extracurricular activities that may relate to your specific employer or position,” Robinson says.
Problem 4: Cohesiveness
Pointing to the “Leadership and Organization” section, Robinson says, “The way this is written, much of this section is unrelated to the stated objective. Don't fill your document with irrelevant experiences. Sprinter and Thrower in high school? Seriously, who cares? Determine what skills are required. What projects, accomplishments or work experiences have you had that demonstrate the required skills?”
Problem 5: Details
Add details and don't be afraid to talk yourself up. Focus on achievement and results. For example, as a fundraiser how much was raised? Did you have a leadership role? Were you selected or elected for this position?” Robinson says.
Like most employers out there, Robinson tells it how it is. It’s a cutthroat world out there and when an employer sees BS on a resume they will throw it right in the shredder. Our friend Chuck Bass has some work to do on his subpar resume. Does your resume need a facelift too? Be the next Chuck Bass and send your resume to [email protected], subject “Rejected Resume.”

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