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Searching for information about colleges can be a long and confusing process, but it shouldn’t have to be that way. CampusSplash, a Q&A platform for students looking to find out more about colleges and grad schools, is aiming to close the information gap in education search, providing quality information about schools for everyone.

Allen Gannett, co-founder of CampusSplash, explained that today, there is a massive problem: under-resourced and overworked guidance counselors try to help students in their college decisions, but it can be difficult to cater to every student’s needs and answer every question. Those with the means, can hire private counselors, but what about everyone else?

The inequality of getting that one-on-one attention is what CampusSplash is trying to disrupt. Instead, the site aims to create a “common set of knowledge around education search,” said Gannett.

You can submit questions on their page, and current students, admissions officers, alumni and other experts, will answer. CampusSplash also has a “virtual tour guide” program, where students can sign up to provide answers and information about their school. 

Users rank the answers, so that the best responses are at the top of the search. Some popular subjects have been financial aid, which Gannett says is reflective of the current economic climate, and Ivy League Schools.

This company is all about trying to increase access to information, and passing information on to the next generation of students. Check it out here and if you’re interested in becoming a virtual tour guide at your school, send an email to [email protected].


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