Pick-Up Tips From…The Summer Intern

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Ever wonder about that smart, cute, mysterious intern working in the office? Want to know how to ask them out? CM has the answers.

Abir Chatterjee is a 20-year-old, Mathematical Decision Sciences major at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is interning at Towers Watson, Washington D.C. and this math wiz is giving us the equations on how to pick him up.

CM: What is the sexiest part of being an intern?
A: Being an intern isn’t particularly sexy, but at least it shows that you’ve got some brains and focus.

CM: Would you date someone you were working with? 
A: No, that would make for a really boring relationship. Being with someone who has as different as a career as possible from me would keep it more interesting.

CM: Would you date your boss?
A: No—that’s just asking for plenty of awkward situations to come up.

CM: What is your number one turn-off conversation topic?
A: Cats. Maybe I’ve met one too many girls that obsess over their cats, but I genuinely have no interest in talking about them.

CM: What is better brains or beauty?
A: They’re equally important, but in different ways. Beauty creates attraction but brains create connection. It’s impossible to choose one or the other outright.

CM: What is your favorite cheesy pick-up line?

A: Do you have a bandaid? I hurt my knee when I fell for you.

CM: What is your weirdest turn on?
A: When they talk about books they’ve read. I personally don’t read much outside of class, but a girl that does seems a lot more intelligent to me.

CM: How do you ask a potential partner out?
A: I ask them to go to lunch or come over for drinks sometime–nothing too serious right off the bat.

CM: What is the strangest thing anyone has ever done or said when trying to pick you up?
A: Fed me drinks until I was more or less incoherent but functioning, put me in a car, and drove me back to their place.

CM:Is it better to be bold or mysterious when trying to pick you up?
A: A little mysterious. Being bold from the start is a turn-off, but being too mysterious can come off as strange.

CM: How do you let down someone you’re uninterested in?
A: Usually pretend I got a text or call from a friend trying to meet up, and then bail.

CM: What tells more about a person’s sexuality how they dance, dress or kiss?
A: The way they dance. Unless they can’t dance, which sometimes is the case. Then I’d say kiss.

CM: So we know you are from the north but go to UNC, so who is better: a Yankee Girl or a Southern Bell?
A: I will never be able to answer this question.

CM: What advice would you give to someone who wants to pick you up?
A: Be able to make some fun of me and yourself. Humor is the key to the heart.

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