Pick-Up Tips From…The Overachiever

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They’re everywhere. At your student government meetings or new-student orientation events, as tour guides and star intramural sports players and on the dean’s list to boot: the overachievers.  Take for instance, Muxin Yu of Cornell University. Besides class and assignments, she works ten hours a week at her part-time job, attends events and meetings for her honors fraternity, and also allows for a few hours volunteering for a community service organization. In her “off-time,” she works on assignments ahead of time, researches for her thesis and intrepidly searches for a job post-graduation in wealth management. This girl can handle it all. Read on for some of her tips on handling dating.

CM: Do you think being an overachiever is a detriment to dating? Why or why not?

To dating, yes, but to a relationship, no. Being an overachiever comes with a certain set of priorities, which means I'm barely thinking about dating. However, in my experience, the right person will not only accept my overachieving tendencies, but will encourage me to do my best and provide me with the support to do so. But that kind of person is rare and the trouble is having the time to find that person.

CM: How often do you go out and let loose? What’s your typical night out?

I go out in moderation, but I usually end up having a good time because I choose my nights out wisely. Last year, when I studied abroad in England, a typical night out involved getting dressed up and going to a club with my friends; the town had a good club scene. When we want a more casual evening, my friends and I would go to pubs, usually one of those historical, hobbit-hole-like places, and those nights would sometimes end up being the most fun. Having good conversation with good people, that's really all I need for a perfect night.

CM: Have you ever gotten picked up in the library? Or a class?

If anyone has ever tried I was probably too busy staying focused to notice. 

CM: What is the trait you look for most in a guy?

I think a person's sense of humor can reveal a lot, such as intelligence, interests, values, and life experiences. So for me it's important to be with someone with a similar sense of humor; it shows you're compatible in other ways as well…Wit is key.

CM: What are your dating pet peeves?

I don't like it when a guy tries too hard to impress and all he ends up doing is bragging about himself nonstop. It doesn't impress me.

CM: Describe the perfect date.

My perfect date doesn't involve anything specific, but has to be well thought-out and meaningful, something that shows he really knows me and what I like. I like dates that are unique, creative, and make you think a bit. Something out of the ordinary is always exciting.

CM: What’s the nerdiest pickup line you’ve heard?

"Wanna be my guest for the airport lounge?" It's the way it was said.

CM: Would you be able to date someone who was a slacker?

No, it's a different lifestyle and it just wouldn't work. It's very important for me to be in a relationship that is mutually motivating.

CM: Tell us what’s great about dating an overachiever.

Overachievers strive for excellence in everything, and that includes relationships. We are always thinking of ways to make an impact on the world and on the people we meet, and seize every opportunity to be memorable and significant, so dating an overachiever is never boring.

CM: What advice would you give to other overachievers who want to pick-up a guy or girl?

Embrace your overachieving nature and never settle for anything less than the best! Be sure of what you want, know who is a good fit for you, and don't accept what anyone else deems to be best.

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