Pick-Up Tips From…The Skier

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What better way to have a good time in the cold than to grab your friends and head up to the mountains for some time on the slopes? Besides, there is no doubt that you’re bound to run into some cuties. Freshman AJ Bennett from the University of Maine Orono, loves to ski and shares his tips on how to pick up a fellow skier.

CM: How often do you ski?

I usually ski on the weekends, at least once a month.

CM: Do you meet people you want to date on the slopes?

I don’t meet people on the slopes. Haha, I’m too busy shredding up some powder.

CM: Do you like making the first move?

Of course I like making the first move. Isn’t that guy code?

CM: What traits do you look for in a girl?

There are a lot of traits. The biggest trait that I look for is probably someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves.

CM: What’s the biggest turn on?

Biggest turn on? Probably a girl’s smile.

CM: What’s the biggest turn off?

Turn off? Keeping secrets from me.

CM: What advice would you give to someone who wants to pick you up?

My advice to someone who wanted to pick me up would be to not be shy. Just go with it and have fun.


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