Pick Up Tips From… The Bar Frequenter

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If you're a student over the age of 21, you most likely frequent bars. If you frequent bars, you're probably no stranger to the anonymous world of pick up attempts. But while you're striking out and getting creeped on, Steven Gomez of Miami Dade College is scoring big. Gomez share a thing or two – or six– about bars and ladies.

CM: Do you go to bars specifically to look for girls?

I usually go [to bars] to hang out with friends and see if there may be girls – but we don’t usually go just to pick up women. Usually the first intent is to hook up and have a good time. If there’s some sort of sign, I might continue to text her to try and find out if she’s relationship material.

CM: Do you think that “special someone” can really be found at a bar?

It’s possible to find someone wherever you are.  If I was looking for this ‘special someone,’ I might want to start somewhere quiet where I can hear her talk first. If that fails, hey, let’s try a bar!

CM: What is your best pick up line?

I’m not one for pick up lines. My type of pick up line starts by me saying something that we might have in common, like “have you heard of that movie coming out?” or “did you hear of this great band coming to town?” If she looks excited, the conversation is a go.

CM: What’s the pick up line you’ve been dying to try out?

Well, the girl would comment on my huge cell phone (Gomez has a Dell Streak 5,) and I would reply, “Yeah, it’s awesome, but there’s just one thing that sucks about it… It doesn’t have your number in it.” Boom!

CM: Do you normally fly solo or with a wingman?

I prefer going to a bar with a wingman because we can back each other up. A wingman can help you come up with an interesting plan for picking up girls. Women don’t usually go to bars or clubs alone, so one man approaching two or three women is usually a doomed attempt. Flying solo can be very nerve wrecking.

CM: What’s your pick up tip for the other guys out there?

Any man can pick up any woman; he just needs some confidence. You want to make girls say “wow, he’s a quality dude.” Be yourself, or go home alone.

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