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While you’re taking the summer off from frat parties and pub crawls, think about getting away for the weekend to experience a new city’s nightlife. Whether you’re going down the shore for a week of beach parties and bar hopping, or you’re looking to escape from your quotidian evening activities and experience unchartered territories- maybe in the south if you’re from the north or on the west coast if you’re from the east- you’ll probably need some pointers along the way. I’ve come up with the best tips, tricks and things no travel guide will tell you to ensure that you have an awesome nightlife experience, no matter where you go. 

Ask the locals.I cannot stress it enough. I stayed at a family-run Bed and Breakfast while in Savannah, Georgia, and had it not been for the hosts, I would have been totally lost. Locals- especially those who have the job of accommodating tourists- usually know the best spots for happy hour, dinner, and late night activities. Ask around! It can never hurt, and you’re likely to get a recommendation that goes above and beyond the average tourist attraction.

Turn day time activities into night time ones. I live in DC, so whenever someone comes to visit me I like to wait until it’s dark out to take my guest to the National Mall and all of the monuments. This way, we avoid the mobs of tourists and it makes a usual daytime attraction exciting and new.

Don’t be afraid tostart the night early. When I visit my friends in Boston, we always go to Audubon Circle Restaurant for dinner. We frequently visit this chic yet elegant neighborhood bar for many reasons. The food and drinks are outstanding, but more importantly, it’s right next to Fenway Park and it stays open until 1:00 am. After dinner, we’ll hang around and wait for Red Sox fans to keep the party going, or meet up with other college students who know where to take the party next.

So make your summer worthwhile and spend the weekend away somewhere! Even if it’s just an hour from home, making new memories and finding exciting nightlife is something you will want to make a habit of.

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