The Clueless Freshman

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As a freshman in college, I was clueless.

I believed I had to read every single book listed on the syllabus, I didn’t know that students could study abroad and I had never seen a keg before. Pretty sad, right?

I remember sitting in the student lounge on my freshman floor confused as to why I was the only student slaving away over 100 pages of reading assignments. I remember the time I sat on the drunk-bus next to a girl who told me she just returned from studying abroad in Rome. And I vividly remember heading down to my first college house party with a pack of other freshman during move-in week and being handed my very first red solo cup.

It's these experiences that inspired our #WishIHadKnown 10-part feature. We asked students nationwide what they wish they had known and received over 100 responses of some of the most honest, humorous and helpful advice. The response from readers was so overwhelming that we decided to make the concept even bigger…a contest, OUR VERY 1st CONTEST!

Students can upload a photo and create their own postcard with advice for freshman. Then the postcard with the most votes wins $500!

Check it out, I would love to hear what you think and be sure to vote on your favorite:

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