Nuestro Mundo de La Musica

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Once again, music is bringing the world together. A thirst for fresh sounds has led to the recent appearance of international influence in American music. It's stimulating a new wave of epic macro-blends, and listeners are loving it.

The rise of global artists has caused the music fusion craze to take off. “I feel more connected,” says Lexie Lee, a student at St. Vincent College. “There is so much out there, and combining different cultures of music makes for really interesting sounds.” Caribbean superstars like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj have taken over music charts all over the world.

Colombian princess Shakira continues to share her awesomeness with the US media through recent hits like Rabiosa” and “Waka Waka and, of course, is constantly followed due to fans’ obsession with her relationship with the gorgeous Barcelona soccer star Gerard Pique. “She sings like an angel and he looks like a god,” comments Notre Dame student Eleanor Mershon. “How could you not love it?”

Countless other celebrities like Sean Kingston, Bobby Long, Enrique Iglesias, Nelly Furtado, and Jennifer Lopez have thrown their unique international styles into the melting pot of US music industry.

Bilingual lyrics have recently become the most noticeable expression of cultural emergence in American music. One artist who capitalizes on this technique is rapper/pop artist Armando Christian Pérez—or, as we know him, the famous Pitbull.

His 2009 album Rebelution featured songs like "Calle Ocho" and "Krazy", climbing to No. 8 on the Hot 100 and selling over 7.5 million times. This instant success placed him on the map for instant fame and he’s stayed there ever since.

By incorporating his native language of Spanish into his lyrics, Pitbull draws in fans with his distinct, multicultural sound and fiery Cuban swag. Even legendary artists like Lady Gaga, David Bisbal, A. R. Rahman (Jai Ho) are adopting and spreading the new trend.

Concetta Staltari, student at Duquesne University, says, “It is making listeners today more aware. It is good to experience things outside of what we know.” As the world comes together, all of us music fanatics will make sure to keep an out to see what crazy international genius will make its way into our Top 20s next.

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