Newsmax Editorial Intern

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Editorial Intern, Washington D.C.

Newsmax is a conservative news organization which covers politics to pop culture. Erica Baum works at their D.C. office, where she writes articles for Fast Features and The Wire sections on the Newsmax website.

What It’s Actually Like

Most of what you’ll do will be behind a desk at a cubicle, which Baum admits can get a little boring. For Fast Features, she writes more about ongoing news related to top stories (for example, she wrote about the Stonewall Riots since June is Pride Month). For The Wire, she writes about more current news and pop culture; pieces that are less directed toward the publication’s main audience. You’ll write 5-7 articles a day(!), but don’t worry, they’re usually short.

Cool Stuff You Get to Do

At Newsmax, you do a ton of writing, but pretty much everything you write gets published. “As an intern it’s cool how much I get published. This was my third week and I’ve gotten over 55 articles published,” Baum said. With her name on that many articles, a quick Google of her will bring up a wealth of results.

What You’ll Learn

“I’ve learned how to write like a journalist,” Baum said. You’ll also become an expert on all sorts of subjects since you’re assigned topics to write about. “Three weeks ago I didn’t know anything about IRA or the minimum wage in Denver.”

How to Prepare for your Application

Write a cover letter, or make sure to cater your existing template exclusively to the organization. In order to do this, you’ll need to do some research.

Skills that Impress Them

Writing, editing, independence and self-sufficiency (there’s no one around to babysit you!).

Cool Perks

Newsmax is up-and-coming, so you’ll be part of shaping their image as they grow. Plus, again, even as a lowly intern you’ll get published with surprising frequency.

The Deets

32 hours a week (9-5 Mondays-Thursdays)
Paid through scholarships from the National Journalism Center
Newsmax is relatively new to the intern game so their current interns applied through the National Journalism Center. Keep an eye out for their own applications soon.


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