‘New Girl’ On The Block

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I, like the majority of television viewers, had high expectations for Fox’s premiere of New Girl. Gladly this quirky comedy didn’t fall short!

Zooey Deschanel (500 Days of Summer) is in her prime, starring as Jess, an overly emotional, eccentric girl, left utterly heartbroken after she catches her boyfriend cheating on her. Lost and homeless, she answers an ad on the oh- so- reliable Craigslist, and just like that she weasels her way into the lives of three unsuspecting guys, unaware of the peculiar nature of their new loft mate.

Jake Johnson (No Strings Attached) plays Nick, a bartender also dealing with a recent crippling heartbreak. Already showing subtle flirtatious hints, Jess and Nick are shoe-ins to become romantically involved at some point in the series. Then there’s Max Greenfield (Ugly Betty) playing Schmidt, the typical overly sexy and self-centered guy, who always seems to be putting money into the “douchebag” jar made for him by his roommates. The final roommate Winston, an old friend of the guys and a wanna-be basketball “star” returning from Latvia, is played by Lamorne Morris (Sex, Love, and Lies).

This cute and unexpected comedy makes for a carefree and enjoyable viewing experience, but the question is if this somewhat predictable plot line will stand the test of time.

“I think it’s quirky and funny and puts a new spin on a classic plot, but I don’t think it will last,” said Temple University freshman music education major Tyler Lawson. “…I don’t think enough people enjoy that particular brand of humor.”

Diana Allen, another Temple University freshman and a vocal performance major, shared a similar view. “I think Zooey Deschanel is enchanting in it, but I think it will either keep picking up pace or it won’t last ” said Allen. “ It just depends on where the plot goes, because as of now it looks kind of repetitive.”

Fox has already ordered a full season of New Girl, so with these big expectations to fulfill, hopefully Fox’s New Girl can deliver.

“If the show keeps up like it has been, then it will definitely be around for a while” said Temple University freshman film major Devon Frankenfield. “ It’s clever, fun, simple, and Zooey Deschanel is hilarious and adorable!”

As long as Zooey keeps delivering her infamous charm and likability, and the plot doesn’t begin to drag, New Girl has the potential to become a new staple on Fox TV.  

For now, I think it’s best to enjoy all the effortlessly hilarious moments New Girl has to offer, and just stick around and see how the plot will unfold. So this Tuesday at 8:00 PM when you’re relaxing by the tube watching Glee like the majority of the country, stay put for another half an hour and check out the unconventional and amusing New Girl for yourself.


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