Nail That Skype Interview

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You built your resume and sent countless of applications to future employers, and you finally got a call back for an interview. Finally—that business suit is going to come in hand.

You looked over the resume and did your research on the job requirements. You styled your hair and popped that pesky pimple on your nose.

10 minutes until the interview starts. You sat down on a chair and got on Skype.

Wait, what?

Because of the benefits, Skype is used frequently to screen and interview job candidates. Skype allows users to make video calls or instant message over the Internet. A free service, it provides a new way for employers to “meet” with potential candidates. It’s not exactly like a face to face interview for obvious reasons, but through a Skype interview, employers understand how candidates present themselves in terms of how they dress, their general appearance and how they carry themselves.

After downloading the Skype software, make sure that you have a properly working camera and microphone. You don’t want to email a potential employer regarding that you realized a Skype interview wouldn’t work with your computer. A tip is to Skype with a friend who can help you test it out. With that, you can check how the lighting is; whether you should adjust the volume level; and if the video lags or not.

Even though the interview is held at home, you should still present yourself professionally. Yes, you should fix your hair and dry clean the business-professional attire. You can wear boxer shorts with knee-high socks as long as the interviewer can’t see the lower half of your body.

Make sure that what the employer sees in the background is neat, tasteful and not distracting. Don’t expect to get the job if he could see dirty laundry heaped on your chair, messy sheets on your bed or pictures of half-naked men hanging on your walls. If you have to move the interview to the clean dining room or family room, then do so.

Let family members know that you’re going to be interviewed when the time comes. You don’t want to be interrupted by your mom calling you down to take out the trash, do you?

The key to any interview is to have confidence in yourself. Stay calm and treat this interview like any other interview. Be honest and ask questions if you have any. Stick with these tips, and College Magazine readers will nail any Skype interview.

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