My College Life: I’m Working Two Summer Jobs

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Edited by Corey Cantor

I check my watch. It’s getting close to 4 o’clock. Doesn’t really matter what day it is—as long as I’m going to the right job. Each week I do three nights at the pizzeria, another three at the restaurant. It takes up a lot of time, sure, but it’s going to be worth it.

A night at the pizzeria means a lot of standing. I work the front counter and help customers who are coming in or closing out their tabs, and I also cook the pizza. Working at Mangia Trattoria is a little quieter. I only have to work the counter and the phones. Well, there’s packaging orders and working with the waiters.

I guess it doesn’t matter which one I’m at as long as I’m getting paid. After packing up some of my stuff, I’m out the door. I’m working at the pizza place tonight.

Outside is the reason I’m doing all of this. My 2007 Black jeep grand Cherokee Laredo. My parents said that if I’m able to pay for it, the gas and all that insurance then it’s all mine this year. It’s not cheap but I want to be comfortable with my money situation and not have to depend on my Mom and Dad anymore. These two jobs go a long way to helping out with that.

But it’s not without a price. I’m always tired when I’m back for work and I’m busy pretty much every day of the week. So when I’m making plans with my friends I need to really plan ahead. But, a lot of my friend’s jobs are during the day so I need to see them before I go to work or later, after I finish up. Trying to balance my jobs and social life is challenging, but I still do my best to see everyone.

I’m living off-campus next year so there are a lot of expenses that need to go towards that. Having the car at school won’t be easy, but I want to be able to pay for everything–the insurance and gas–so I won’t have to ask for money. Working two jobs now will give me the financial freedom later so I don’t have to ask for money to support myself. I’m going to be picking up a job as a part of the inter fraternity council next year so that will go along way towards helping pay for everything.

And even though the hours sometimes get in the way of other things, I don’t regret having two jobs. Even if I don’t plan on going into the restaurant business, I’ll always have these experiences to fall back on if I ever need it. These jobs will give me the edge if I ever try to move up in the restaurant industry or show other employers that I have some experience getting my hands dirty. At the very least, I’ll be able to have my car next semester.   

College Magazine Staff

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