The 10 Most Hipster Students

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Over 100 students nationwide competed for the title of most hipster student. The reward? A $500 shopping spree on, the fashion & lifestyle club for college students. The competition was fierce and we asked you, our loyal college readers, to be the judge. Along the way we took a closer look into the hipster trend, revealing the 10 Most Hipster campuses, the hipster chic style, the hipster music scene and even the different kinds of hipsters you’ll meet in college. As our last quest in our hipster journey, we reveal to you the most hipster student…
The votes have been counted and you have chosen the winner: Congratulations to Sean Scannell! In 2nd place, congratulations to Lara Blackman.


#1 WINNER: Sean Scannell


#2 SECOND PLACE: Lara Blackman


#3 Jimmy Sia


#4 Kristine Colosimo


#5 Keaton Fox


#6 Carly Raber


#7 Nicole Sakin


#8 Talia Handler


#9 Allie DeStefano


#10 Lindsey LaParl


Thank you to all the students who entered our Kembrel Hipster Contest!

College Magazine Staff

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